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To Save His Baby Mills Boon Intrigue series brings you stories filled with secrets seductionOne look at her patient s chocolate brown eyes, and Dr Valerie Murphy knew that beneath the straggly beard and the bruises was Gil Branton Gil had disappeared from her life, her bed, her future, four months ago And now he d come into her ER as a patient, unable to remember her and unaware that she carried his child Gil knew Valerie was hiding something important from him Was she involved in the case he d been investigating before his accident And why did her merest touch conjure vague memories of steamy nights and rumpled sheets But when he inadvertently brought a killer into her life, Valerie became his responsibility He d do anything to protect her And her unborn baby

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    The hero is an FBI agent looking into a smuggling baby ring The heroine is a doctor that works at the hospital and she is working with the hero to help him When there relationship turns romantic and he gets her pregnant, then disappears for four months only to turn up with amnesia, the heroine knows something fishy is going on Together as the hero gets his memory, they findev

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here 4 Stars Gil disappeared suddenly from Valerie s life, and when she couldn t find a trace of him, she concludes that he no longer wants anythingto do with her Now he s turned up in her ER, and he doesn t remember her He s suffering amnesia from a car crash Valerie didn t know that Gil had been worki

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