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Off Limits US Marine Corporal Jim McKenzie knew a hundred ghastly ways to kill, a thousand ugly techniques to survive the perils stalking war torn Vietnam And these bloody talents had plunged his tortured conscience into unspeakable horrorThen into that darkness fell a tempting ray of hope Congressman s daughter Alexandra Vance, her helicopter shot down over McKenzie s particular purgatory, was in mortal danger, and only his damnable talents could help her Yet to save her, McKenzie would have to destroy himselfMOMENTS OF GLORYVietnam,A moment in history, a moment in time But for three Marines and the women they love, these fleeting MOMENTS OF GLORY add up to a lifetime of love

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    I don t know why I haven t read this author before but I loved this entire series set against the backdrop of the worsening situation in Vietnam This time, the heroine is a daughter of Congressman who is about to become a nurse The heroine has a controlling father who is perpetually disappointed in her When her chopper crashes in the middle of a jungle the injure

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    if I had to rate this book in relation to McKenna s other military romances, it would be in the top half.

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    Its a beautiful story A sweet love story.

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