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Den of Stars Are you willing to gamble with your life Some debts can t be repaid The Gambler s Den lies in ruins, its staff scattered across the Sand Sea, all but a memory of the minds of its past patrons But when the Morning Star appears, ruled by a mysterious figure known only as the Hare, the comparisons can t be helped Who is this larger than life character Why do the showgirls wear masks What are they hiding The answer they should be dead Franco and Misu were safe only in their anonymity, but with Franco gone Misu must find him jeopardising all they have built In order to save the man she trusts Misu must put her faith in the villain Wilheim does not forget disobedience lightly, and Misu s was a great betrayal, so now he will call in his debt, and his revenge on the staff of the Morning Star Who will win Who will survive Who will the odds favour

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    Originally posted at Ragdoll Rating 2 5 ButtonsRecommended For I guess adventure fans.About the BookThe Gambler s Den has been reduced to a pile of smoking wreckage, the now homeless showgirls have taken to running their own restaurant, and the alleged dea

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    Den of Stars is the sequel to Den of Shadows a story following The Gamblers Den as it travels across the land Sadly, The Gamblers Den is no , along with Franco and Misu it lies in ruin the staff is spread across the land with no hope of reuniting However, the mysterious Morning S

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    Originally posted at Chain InteractionMore Misu This was literally all I wanted from the end of the previous book, Misu was pretty much my favourite character and I had become a little fed up with Franco s self destructive behaviour So give me a story with Misu in the centre of the ac

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    A book that got better as it went along In the previous installment, I didn t feel an attachment to any of the characters For me that is a big struggle, it is one of the main things that keep me reading But this time, although it was slow I started to enjoy the characters and story.I am lo

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    This was an enjoyable read I didn t like it as much as the previous book.The Author manages to build a beautiful world, with an interesting climax I received a digital advanced review copy of this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are m

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