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Shadow Captain Two sisters ran away from home to join the crew of a spaceship They took on pirates, faced down monsters and survived massacres and now they re in charge Captaining a fearsome ship of their own, adventures are theirs for the taking and there s hoards to loot and treasures to find in the darkest reaches of space But the rules are also relaxed out on the fringes, as they re about to discover

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Solid YA SF Shadow Captain by Alastair ReynoldsI find it strange that the debate whether YA is any good is so often cast in either or terms I read all kinds of things newspapers, YA, folk tales of all kinds, romance, crime, SF, fantasy, nature writing, history, biography, serious contemporary fic

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    4.5 starsI enjoyed this second installment eventhan Revenger I know Revenger received mixed reviews from Reynolds fans who I guess didn t get what they expected, but really, I think he wrote a great story, and Shadow Captain is a fine continuation The writing continues to reflect Reynolds densely competent style, with both tension and character development deli

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    The second Revenger book continues on with a pretty traditional Space Opera tale Where the first began with revenge on the mind, the second focuses muchon financial survival, salvage, and after a particularly awesome Reynolds homage to Reynolds sentient skull candy partnership with suits becoming a shambling hoard of zombies, a desperate need to find SOMEPLACE to hi

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    Ah I m beginning to see the familiar Al Reynolds yet again He doesn t linger much in the YA field, despite the Ness sisters age The story picks up from the end of the first volume,Revenger , and builds strongly However, I m surprised at myself how did I miss the fact that Revenger series is going to be a trilogy The good thing is that this second part doesn t suffer from

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    Shadow Captain, the sequel to one of 2016 s best science fiction novels, is evenentertaining than Revenger in fact, it s preposterously good This futuristic pirate tale from master space opera writer Alastair Reynolds is a unique and original take on space adventure, and this time revenge and grief are at the forefront of characters minds It s enjoyable to see the progression

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    Well I didn t like Revenger but hoped I d like this one better but all I can say is, Alaister Reynolds what s going on here His previous stories are some of my favorites The actions is minor and uninteresting and the dialog is leaden First we hear a conversation between the sisters and then we hear one sister relay the same info to the other shipmates Yawn.

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    A disappointing 3 stars.I definitely recommend you read or re read the far superior first book in the series, Revenger, before starting this.Beautiful, full size image hereAll of the components for a great and clever book were here, but the prose is often ponderous and over written Fura and Adrana have grown into mostly hard and unsympathetic characters The action sequences are few, an

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    When starting this one, I thought it s the last volume of the series, so I kept expecting things to happen and the plot to advance, and the book got to the end without much happening I figured out there must be at most another book by then, but overall while the first person narration kept me turning the pages, this felt like a thread the water novel to a large extent i will take a look at

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    4.5 stars The only reason I didn t give it 5 stars because the pacing was a little slow at times especially when the focus was on Adrana and Fura s relationship and all of their secrets It was also hard to believe that Adrana gave in so easily to partnering with Fura since in the beginning she was so adamant that she didn t want anything to do with her sister s obsession I loved their time at th

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    This time last year I was reviewing Alastair s Elysium Fire, the sequel to The Prefect aka Aurora Rising In 2019 I m now looking at another sequel this time to Revenger, published in 2016 Shadow Captain continues the story of Revenger, a mere few months after the end of the first book This was where spoiler alert the two young sisters, Adrana and Arafura aka Fura Ness, managed to kill a notorious spa

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