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Femme in Public What feminine part of yourself did you have to destroy in order to survive in this world At what point does femininity become synonymous with apology Who hurt the people who hurt you Let s figure it out Femme In Publicis a collection of poetry by nonbinary artist Alok Vaid Menon In the author s words it is a dream of what it could look like to celebrate transfemininity in public both in ourselves and for the people who desire us by which I mean everyone, across time, always

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    A short, easy to read book of deep but short pieces I cried, I laughed, and I learned to think different about the words and names we use to talk about clothes and people It makes me wonder how we can be free when we are always in spaces full of rules.

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    Mandatory reading for everyone I was so completely moved and inspired and so glad Alok shared this I made audible noises because they describe the pain that I feel so completely and wholly THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

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    THEY WILL SAYthey will say that femininity is not powerfulthey will say that we are vain, selfish, and foolish.they will say that we need to focus on the real issues they will say nothing when we are attacked theywill say that we do not exist until they need someoneto blame they will say that we are imposters, frauds,predators, mistakes, mostly, they will s

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    This is a slim but exceptional volume I ve been a fan and follower of Alok Vaid Menon s online presence for a long time it s absolutely delightful to dig deeper into their poetry It s hard to pick a favorite piece because all of the poems are so strong, and also come from the same emotional place One line that has kept ringing in my head, even two weeks afte

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    Someone get me this book ASAP

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    Alok writes thought provoking pieces on inhabiting a world that is hostile toward femininity, especially for trans femmes of color They explore the harassment and abuse they receive day to day, in one of the most intimately vulnerable collections I ve read in a long time.

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    I got this book when I was lucky enough to see them preform in Berkeley last month and I saved it for a day when I would really need it Like Maya Angelou and Audre Lorde before them, their words reached right down into my soul I love every poem in this collection THEY WILL SAY is probably my favorite favorite in this collection I really really love my brain rig

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    Apparently, it is possibly to imagine beyond identity politicswhat is a man but a question mark so lonely it wrappedaround itself so many times it began to resemble a body For those of us who long for prayersPromise me you understand that I wasn t just assignedmale at birth, I m assigned male every day walking onthe street Promise me you understand that as a fo

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    I cried because I remembered my shame I rememberedhow it tore me to pieces I remember how they stolethose pieces and squished them together and called it a man, like a puzzle you can t quite figure out so you justsettle with its jagged edges Pretend it fits.

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