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When four high school friends promise to find husbands for one another if any of them are still single at age thirty, they have no idea how complicated the pact will make their lives twelve years later Bookof the Wedding Ring series is Fianc for HireThe Prospective Bride Amanda Coppersmith, successful at everything except marriage Been there, done that twice No way is she going to let her matchmaking pals fix her up with another husband She s determined to remain single, which means outwitting her well meaning friendsThe Prospective Groom Nick Stephanos, studly New York taxi driver and the perfect choice for fake fiancThe Hitch Nick is willing to play along, and the meddling matchmakers are completely taken in So how did a simple fake engagement become so darn complicated Fiancé for Hire

About the Author: Pamela Burford

Pamela Burford comes from a funny family You may take that any way you want She was raised in a household that valued laughter above all, so of course the first thing she looked for in a husband was a sense of humor Is it any wonder their grown kids are into stand up comedy and improv Oh, and here s another fun family fact Pamela s identical twin sister, Patricia Ryan, aka P.B Ryan, is also a published novelist Patricia is the Good Twin, and yeah, Pamela knows what that makes her But hey, Evil Twins havefun It should come as no surprise that everything Pamela writes is infused with her own quirky brand of humor, from her feel good contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels to her popular Jane Delaney mystery series, featuring snarky Death Diva Jane, her canine sidekick Sexy Beast, and a fun love triangle subplot Pamela s own beloved poodle, Murray, wants you to know that any similarities between himself and neurotic, high strung Sexy Beast are purely coincidental.Pamela is the proud founder and past president of Long Island Romance Writers, Inc., a chapter of Romance Writers of America Her books have won awards and sold millions of copies, but what excites her most is hearing from readers So swing by her website and say hi.Also, when you sign up for Pamela s newsletter, not only will you learn about new releases, freebies, and other fun stuff, but you ll receive a free ebook as her special thank you the fun foodie romance Too Darn HotAnd rest assured, she will never share your email address.

10 thoughts on “Fiancé for Hire

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here While the best of the four books in this series, the twist at the end ruins it for me Mostly because it is completely unnecessary and so far beyond believable that I just couldn t get past it Amanda hiring Nick to be her boyfr

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    What a great way to end the series Loved this story Loved Nick A great twist to the story Wonderful ending Awe it s over.

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    This is a great book series Each book kept you guessing Looking forward to readingPamela Burford books.

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    Book 4 of the Wedding Ring series by Pamela Burford Four young girls make a pact to find each other husbands if they are not married by 30 This one might have been my favourite Unpreditable story line keeps you guessing on who is Mr Perfect for our heroine.Fianc for Hire Book 4 of the Wedding Ring series by Pamela

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    A wonderful end to a great seriesI very rarely buy into a series, I read so fast that it s frankly, financially irresponsible I also read for a living I am an editor, mostly to Indie authors, but I also have some fairly well known clients I really liked this series, and read all four of them in one day that happened

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I received a copy Fianc for Hire by Pamela Buford in exchange for an honest review.Note this review contains spoilers Amanda is the last of the 4 friends to turn 30 She has been married and divorced twice And she does not want another husban

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    The Wedding Ring Four high school friends and a pact every girl marries her ideal man by 30 or be prepared for matchmaking The Bride to Be Amanda Coppersmith, successful at everything but marriage There s absolutely no way she s going to let the Wedding Ring fix her up been there, done that She s determined to outwit her m

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    In Fianc For Hire, it was fun to watch the mighty Ice Queen fall At least that s what her childhood friends call Amanda Coppersmith, the last of the friends to be set up with a blind date in the Wedding Ring series, is called The prospective date Nick Stephanos It s a fun ride, and I use the term loosely as you ll read and I

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    Light, funny and a super quick read, Fianc , For Hire is the fourth in Pamela Burford s Wedding Ring quartet I loved both Nick and Amanda, he with his too educated taxi driving ways, quick wit and casual elegance and she with her schedules and ice queen demeanour I loved the plot which left me wondering just who was outwitting w

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    For some reason, I really couldnt like this one It was especially disappointing after I Do, But there s a Catch which was quite good.This one just felt too long, and couldnt retain my interest after a point

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