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Self-Portrait Of A Hero: The Letters Of Jonathan Netanyahu (1963-1976) Never mind my love for all things Israeli, this is a great read because it s a look inside the mind of someone I consider to be a great model for humanity A beatiful, noble, honest, flawed and real huma A unwitting autobiography of dedication selflessness. Self Portrait of a Hero The Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu 1963 1976 With an Introduction and Afterword by Benjamin and Iddo NetanyahuAfter reading A Voice Called by Yossi Katz and visiting the Golan Heights in Israel, I set out to read about Yoni Netanyahu I picked up this book as well as Yoni s Last Battle by Iddo Netanyahu and proceeded to read both books at the same time The 34th anniversary of the Rescue at Entebbe told place when I was reading these two books.The book is a collection of letters collected from Yoni s friends and family after his death Beginning in 1963 with the first letter to an Israeli schoolmate, he chronicles the time spent in America where he is forced to move because of his father s research He knew at a very young age that his heart and soul belonged in Israel.In this time and age it was very refreshing to follow a man s maturing with his written words It was a different time when people corresponded by letters It made me stop and wonder if in the future we will have this documentation for our records of our heroes thoughts, dreams and desires.Through his own letters, we see a man that does not blindly follow all superior s commands but finds a way to work within the system Yoni by way of example gets his men to follow him because of their respect for the man Yoni is very detail orientated and never leaves anything to fate he checks Self Portrait of a Hero The Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu is at once unlike and like the books I am accustomed to reading Because the book is focused on his years with the Israeli Defense Force, it reads similarly to much of the military science fiction and space operas already on my shelf On the other handthis is real These are real people and places that I have some familiarity with in a historical sense, but with the added dimension of getting to know Yoni Jonathan and his family through the letters he wrote.That s what makes this a sobering read, instead of just an interesting read through the lens of the consumate soldier In some ways I prefer my books because the end of this one was predetermined, and no matter how attached and invested the reader becomes in Yoni, there is no hope that he ll make it out alive in the end The last 100 pages or so I was watching the dates thinking, time is running out, he s going to die soon Don t get me wrong, I don t demand that every book I read have a happy ending But one of the experi Collections of letters are often quite dull since most of us write correspondence that would interest no one but the individual we are writing to Yoni elevates letter writing to an almost poetic art My copy of this book is dog eared and underlined Li Finishing this book is a Pyrrhic victory On the one hand I m blown away by the image created of yoni netanyahu the man as given by his letters to family, friends, loves On the other, spoiler alert his death makes the correspondences harder and harder to read without difficulty This was one of the few truly complete men, nigh, persons I ve ever read about A giant with arrogance and coldness but brilliance and warmth to match As complex and nuanced as any tortured poet, as wildly thinking and analyzing as any philosopher, Yoni was and continues to be a testament not only to the inherent weaknesses and greatness of the Jewis Although 30 Year Old Lt Col Jonathan Netanyahu, Brother Of Israel S Current Prime Minister, Was Killed In Battle During Israel S 1976 Daring Hostage Rescue Mission In Africa, His Personal Reflections Live On In These Letters Written To His Family And Friends 21 Illustrations. It s always inspiring to run across someone who is completely true to him herself And not in a self serving ARod or Richard Sherman way but rather in a Pat Tillman or Mickey Marcus way This book will give you pause for many years. An overall very powerful and informational read, I was really able to personally connect to this book I enjoyed reading it, sometimes being taken on emotional ride, and at other times, it seemed to be an action story. Amazing human being, being let into someone s struggles, triumphs and everyday days in letters is incomplete, inspiring, heartrending, uplifting Plus, maybe the best eulogy ever, given by Rabin.

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