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Il nido E poi, Steve, che a dodici anni si trascina dall infanzia paure ancestrali, di angeli sente di averne un gran bisogno il piccolo, il fratellino appena nato, ha qualcosa che non va, e il terrore del peggio sta logorando in fretta tutta la famiglia E cos , quando strane creature luminose iniziano a visitare i suoi sogni, spiegandogli di essere venute per aiutare il piccolo, Steve fa quello che faremmo tutti accetta la loro proposta Ma le creature non sono affatto angeli, e quando Steve lo scopre, il confine tra gli incubi e la realt non cos impenetrabile come gli adulti intorno a lui sostengono E lui l unico che pu fare qualcosa

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    This was such a strange book The writing wasn t my favorite, which is surprising, because I loved The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel The writing in The Boundless was rich and lively, but the writing in The Nest was a little bit dry for my liking I did enjoy the pictures drawn by illustrator John Klassen Unfortunately though, this

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    The theme of this book is that nothing is perfect, but this book is a Liar McLiar, because this book is perfect.This is a wise little tome of fairy fuckery in the guise of a wasp nest It s a magical story, and a kind one, and a giant in few words I wish I had had it to give to my wry and unsentimental 11 year old anxious OCD r

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    this is a case of good book, wrong reader i gave it a three because i liked it, but i didn t crazy like it i ve liked oppel s YA novels in the past, and i was excited that this was going to be available at BEA, but when i saw it was middle grade instead of YA i was a bit wary i m just a little too old to appreciate books for th

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    a very interesting and weird tale

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    This is a bizarre and creepy very, very creepy middle grade book We follow Steve, who struggles so much with anxiety that he has panic attacks and sees a therapist With a younger sister and a new baby brother, Steve definitely feels the weight of big brother responsibility on his shoulders To make matters worse, his baby brother

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    People lie and say they don t want perfect But really they do Perfect bodies and minds and comfy chairs and cars and vacations and boyfriends and girlfriends and pets and children Above all, children Steve s new baby brother is anything but perfect the poor thing has a congenital disorder, and may not survive Everyone in the house

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Oh, how I love middle grade horror It s a very specific breed of book, you know Most people on the street might think of the Goosebumps books or similar ilk when they think of horror stories for the 10 year old set, but that s just a small portion of wh

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    What the hell Okay, this was super weird and I loved it and would recommend it to most of my adult friends here if you also like weird and creepy stuffBut I borrowed this book from the children s library Why is something so strange and chilling being aimed at middle schoolers Anyways, great book, read it but don t let your kids read

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    HOW is this appropriate for children This is intense and terrifying Not elementary school fare in my opinion Frankly, I m surprised I didn t have nightmares after finishing it Would not recommend for children under 14, sensitive children or those with anxiety, anyone with a bee allergy or anyone with an Epipen I thought this was a bi

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    If you have a fear of wasps, this book will terrify you If you don t have a fear of wasps, this book will still terrify you because you ll have developed a fear of wasps Quite possibly the scariest middle grade book I ve ever read.

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