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No More Pretending Alluring screen actress Lauren Langham excels at the roles she plays both on and off camera She s so good at pretending, in fact, that no one watching her popular rom coms or dazzling red carpet appearances would assume she was anything but charming, outgoingand straight While preparing to shoot a new film in a small Texas town, Lauren wonders what she would be like if her own life had followed a different script Then she meets Harper Ward, a waitress at the local diner, whose natural beauty leaves her speechless Harper mistakes Lauren s reaction for being stuck up and takes an instant dislike to her Like Lauren, Harper isn t exactly what she seems and also wonders what her life would be like if family obligations hadn t turned her world upside down When the film s lecherous director hires Harper to work as his assistant, she and Lauren find themselves fighting a powerful attraction that quickly escalates into an overwhelming passion But where can they go from here

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    I must be honest, this book was not on my radar at all Therefore, it was such a pleasant surprise how much I really enjoyed this Then to find out this is a debut novel, I m evenimpressed The book is not perfect, the storyline is not a brand new idea, but boy for a traditional girl meets girl romance, this book really worked for me.I don t know what it is, but something ab

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    Nobody teaches us or tells us whom to love It just finds you The romance was very sweet Nothing earth shattering but adorable nonetheless The leads were likable and authentic especially Lauren was quite a refreshing character because usually actors in fiction are shown to be self assured and cocky, so, her awkward and shy personality was very endearing and fit really well

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    Nicely done for a debut novel Solid writing with good dialogue, a nice bunch of secondary characters including Chester the dog , a well described setting.But I had some issues with conflicts between the main characters, as well as their reasons for certain behaviors The author has created conflicts in a way that make her protagonist actress Lauren Langham quite neurotic and

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    I m extremely sorry but this didn t work for me at all If you re interested to read it then please ignore this review and go read the ones with higher ratings. And if you enjoyed it, let s not rain on each others parade agree to disagree Lauren Langham an established actress, earning 6 figures salary, closeted and portrayed as socially awkward Harper Ward a lawyer from NYC t

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    Well, I liked this book quite frankly It deals with the relationship between a Hollywood actress and a young lawyer who has had to leave her job in New York to take care of her father and brother after her mother s death Lauren, the actress, is a shy person and is also very careful in keeping her intimacy unexposed to the public, despite her profession Harper, the lawyer, aft

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    Wow Can we stop pretending Lauren asked, looking into her eyes Harper felt so lost in that gaze again It took her a moment to even register what Lauren had said Pretending We ve been going along like everything is fine, and I ve been pretending this whole time that I was okay with this being a short term thing This isn t just some cute holiday romance thing for me I haven t be

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    It s the typical closeted actress falls for someone she s not supposed to It was written beautifully although really predictable I liked that the conflict was dragged out however because most of what I ve read are photo finish love stories with a depth of a spoon It frustrated me, which is a new and welcomed feeling Good, quick read.

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    I really enjoyed this very sweet romance between two likable characters I am rating this 4.5 stars but rounded up for the debut author I may be being generous but it was just the read I needed at the time and couldn t complain about any aspect Just hit the mark for me.

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    Okay this is a good book, i guess I think i really enjoyed the first half of the book I could see the chemistry between them But after that, like 60% onward, i felt like, i dont know, they dont really communicate any All they mostly do were going to work, sneaking around than have sex Seem like it kept dragging until another conflict pop up and things seem awkward for awhile than

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    As predicted DNF Once the page flipping happened it was doomed It started off a 5 in the beginning, then the middle of it devolved to a 3 Then Nope Sorry Try again.

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