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The Playboy's Mistress All He Wants For ChristmasWhen Darcy Was Persuaded To Host Her Family S Christmas Gathering, She Started Making Detailed Lists And Mentally Prepared Herself For A Hectic Couple Of Weeks But Her Plans Were Disrupted By A Surprise New Neighbor A Playboy Tycoon, Who Seemed To Know Exactly What He Wanted To Give Darcy For Christmas As Far As Reece Erskine Was Concerned, Christmas Couldn T Be Over Soon Enough But He Was Quite Happy To Give Darcy A Few Kisses And Much, Much Under The Mistletoe In Fact, He Insisted On It

About the Author: Kim Lawrence

Though lacking much authentic Welsh blood, Kim Lawrence comes from English Irish stock She was born and brought up in North Wales She returned there when she married, and her sons were both born on Anglesey, an island off the coast Though not isolated, Anglesey is a little off the beaten track, but lively Dublin, which Kim loves, is only a short ferry ride away Today they live on the farm her husband was brought up on Welsh is the first language of many people in this area and Kim s husband and sons are all bilingual she is having a lot of fun, not to mention a few headaches, trying to learn the language She is a keen gardener and cook and enjoys running often on the beach, as living on an island the sea is never very far away She is usually accompanied by her Jack Russell, Sprout don t ask, it s long story With small children, the unsocial hours of nursing didn t look attractive so encouraged by a husband who thinks she can do anything she sets her mind to, Kim tried her hand at writing Always a keen Mills Boon reader, it seemed natural for her to write a romance novel In 1995, she published her first novels and now she can t imagine doing anything else.

10 thoughts on “The Playboy's Mistress

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    It was a nice read I thought it was a little last minute the reason why her mum disappeared and also very unlikely, but it was still OK.

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    Ha Decided to try romance, get myself out of the fantasy path for a while Well, as the suggestion says when I give stars, it was OK.When I reached the middle of the book, I realised that I didn t like the style of writing much After the first chapter, there is a leap to the se

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    Sweet merciful Father Santa baby put a Reese Erskine under my tree This was just a well written book I thoroughly enjoyed it The misunderstanding about who is pregnant only added to the hilarity of the story Darcy and Reece fairly burn off the page with their romantic tension Her famil

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    It had some really cute dialogue and the story was ok but I was just too dizzy from their back and forth and the comparing past lovers really grossed me out Just not my thing It was funny at times but just fizzled out at the end.

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    Love the family n the Couples story hopefullybooks about the brother n still single sister

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