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Red Lipstick The World Keeps Taunting Him As Girlish But The Fact Is That, Biologically, He Is A Boy And, He Is Always Attracted To Guys Is Laxmi Both A Man And A Woman Or, Perhaps, Neither A Man Nor A Woman The First Inklings And Stirrings Of Lust That Laxmi Remembers Came From Noticing Big, Strong Arms, The Hint Of A Guy S Moustache Over His Lips, Billboards That Advertised Men S Underwear Laxmi Found This Puzzling Initially Was There A Woman Inside Him Who Couldn T Really Express Herself Because Of Some Last Minute Mix Up That God Did At The Time Of His Birth Struggling With Such Existential Questions, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, Eminent Transgender Activist, Awakens To Her True Self She Is Laxmi, A Hijra In This Fascinating Narrative Laxmi Unravels Her Heart To Tell The Stories Of The Men Creators, Preservers, Lovers, Benefactors, And Abusers In Her Life Racy, Unapologetic, Dark And Exceptionally Honest, These Stories Open A Window To A Brave New World. This is my first book by Laxmi and I must say that strong and powerful are indeed less to describe this book An extremely easy read, Red Lipstick pierces your heart and mind and makes you sit and wonder that where do such strong headed people come from I am almost 70% through the book and cannot wait to finish it Inspirational, yes definitely but than that it opens up a world to you, a worl Begins well but fails to deliver on its promise Dazzles with brilliance on some pages, but that s about it Ah what could this book may have been A sheer waste of opportunity. Easy and quick read Story of transgender activist Laxmi. I think that Laxmi has very serious boundary issues in writing which, as happens amongst victims, leads to a lot of exaggeration and pride despite serious faults in work like her mentor Ashok Ravi Kavi rightly pointed but in a obscure way that was misinterpreted Being limited to identity, Laxmi can t proclaim she can t be defined or she is open usually found in post modernists and romanticists I suggest her to read and then write an informed critique and also mention the question of caste,

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