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This trilogy of novels about World War II, largely based on his own experiences as an army officer, is the crowning achievement of Evelyn Waugh s career Its central character is Guy Crouchback, head of an ancient but decayed Catholic family, who at first discovers new purpose in the challenge to defend Christian values against Nazi barbarism, but then gradually finds the complexities and cruelties of war too much for him Yet, though often somber, the Sword of Honour trilogy is also a brilliant comedy, peopled by the fantastic figures so familiar from Waugh s early satires The deepest pleasures these novels afford come from observing a great satiric writer employ his gifts with extraordinary subtlety, delicacy, and human feeling, for purposes that are ultimately anything but satiric The Sword of Honour Trilogy

About the Author: Evelyn Waugh

Evelyn Waugh s father Arthur was a noted editor and publisher His only sibling Alec also became a writer of note In fact, his book The Loom of Youth 1917 a novel about his old boarding school Sherborne caused Evelyn to be expelled from there and placed at Lancing College He said of his time there, the whole of English education when I was brought up was to produce prose writers it was all we were taught, really He went on to Hertford College, Oxford, where he read History When asked if he took up any sports there he quipped, I drank for Hertford In 1924 Waugh left Oxford without taking his degree After inglorious stints as a school teacher he was dismissed for trying to seduce a school matron and or inebriation , an apprentice cabinet maker and journalist, he wrote and had published his first novel, Decline and Fall in 1928 In 1928 he married Evelyn Gardiner She proved unfaithful, and the marriage ended in divorce in 1930 Waugh would derive parts of A Handful of Dust from this unhappy time His second marriage to Audrey Herbert lasted the rest of his life and begat seven children It was during this time that he converted to Catholicism During the thirties Waugh produced one gem after another From this decade come Vile Bodies 1930 , Black Mischief 1932 , the incomparable A Handful of Dust 1934 and Scoop 1938 After the Second World War he published what is for many his masterpiece, Brideshead Revisited, in which his Catholicism took centre stage The Loved One a scathing satire of the American death industry followed in 1947 After publishing his Sword of Honour Trilogy about his experiences in World War II Men at Arms 1952 , Officers and Gentlemen 1955 , Unconditional Surrender 1961 his career was seen to be on the wane In fact, Basil Seal Rides Again 1963 his last published novel received little critical or commercial attention Evelyn Waugh, considered by many to be the greatest satirical novelist of his day, died on 10 April 1966 at the age of 62.See

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    Many literary careers are doomed to go on slightly longer than they should, and to outlive the author s original engrossing talent.So concludes Christopher Hitchens, in a 2003 Atlantic article, Evelyn Waugh The Permanent Adolescent , reprinted in his collection of essays, Arguably Actually, the sentence is the first of his concluding paragraph, which g

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    1 Men At Arms 3 This first part of what was originally a trilogy was quite uneven for me Guy Crouchback is a well intentioned though ineffective man who, in his late 30s, joins the army to do his bit The opening section in training is the funniest with the farcical episode of Apthorpe and his thunder box being especially hilarious But there are long secti

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    Evelyn Waugh did not have a good war as a soldier however he was able to transmute his uncomfortable personal experience into something wonderful Through Guy Crouchback, the detached observer and would be knight, who mistakenly believes his private honour will be satisfied by war, Evelyn Waugh perfectly captures the bureaucracy, pettiness, absurdity, humour,

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    Men at Arms Part 1 of Sword of HonourWhat fun a bit like a cross between MASH, PG Wodehouse and Brideshead An upper class British Catholic divorc leaves his home in Italy at the start of WW2 to try to join the army, and eventually succeeds.The story is populated by quirky characters and strange coincidences, with glimpses of poignancy Most of the characters are

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here There is something fundamentally wrong with these books referred to here as SOH so I don t have to keep misspelling honour over and over , and I am not sure I can say exactly what that is, but I felt somewhat soiled after reading them But this book I will also refer to it in the singul

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    In my opinion, the masterwork of 20th century English fiction Brideshead lent itself to million dollar TV adaptation, but the books Men At Arms , Officers And Gentlemen , and Unconditional Surrender are almost too good for TV or screen There was a fine and now lost TV version in the 60s, with Edward Woodward as Crouchback, and host of character actors, including Rona

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    Waugh s Final WordsEssentially, this is Waugh s swansong three novels about the adventures of his quasi autobiographical hero, Guy Crouchback, in the Second World War, gathered together by him and edited into a single volume at the end of his life This is a compendium of my separatereviews of the individual volumes as I read them, followed by a brief consideration of th

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    The dystopian and satirical world of and unprepared England World War IIIf this were just a review of the ineffective, jaundiced, sarcastic snobbish, effete England portrayed by Evelyn Waugh throughout the Sword of Honor Trilogy, this would be a 4 star review It is depressing when it is not negative when it seems to fail to see any part of England before, during or after W

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    An immensely entertaining and thought provoking account of one man s experience in WWII Despite Guy Crouchback s thinly veiled fictional version of Evelyn Waugh best efforts to do his part to he is destined to always be on the periphery of the war Contributing, but not very heroically Even when he finds himself in the thick of things Battle of Crete May 1941 his experience is

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    This is Evelyn Waugh s final edited version of the Sword of Honour trilogy If you re interested in reading the trilogy, you really should read this version, as the book is really one long, continuous story with the same characters throughout, and some apparently tedious passages have been edited out Highly recommended by me as well.

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