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This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For BRYS For Those Who Like Reading About Dirty, Nasty, Cheating Wives Sequel To One Of My Most Popular Stories Sloppy Seconds My Husband Gerald Just Accepts Now That He Fails To Fulfil Me Sexually, And Has Begrudgingly Agreed That The Best Solution To Save Our Marriage Is For Us To Cruise Around The Murky City Streets In Our Car, Looking For Complete Strangers To Fuck Me, Nice And Hard, No Condoms, No Catch, To Drive Me Wild With LustThen Afterwards, While I M Riding On The Crest Of An Orgasmic Wave, Maybe And Only Maybe He Might Get His Sloppy SecondsBut Tonight, After The Most Disgusting Bathtime Fantasy, I Was Feeling Really, Really Naughty, And I Could Feel My Cruel Streak Coming To The Fore, Which Of Course Would Be Directed Straight At My Husband, No Holds Barred, Until He Was Literally Seething From The Humiliation I Was Going To Dish Out On Him, All Of Which Seemed To Make Me Even ArousedAnd The Strangers We Meet Soon Will Be In For A Real Treat As I M Feeling Incredibly Horny, And Feel I Could Let Them Do Almost Anything They Like To Me However Hardcore Or Kinky , As Long As They Give Me The Sex I Need And The Hot, Wet, Sticky Gift I Crave At The EndGerald Craves That For Me Too, Because Without Other Men Pleasuring Me, Getting Me Excited And Creamed To The Max, He Won T Even Get A Go Simple As That SEXUAL CONTENT WARNING STRICTLY ADULTS ONLY If You Are A Minor Or Easily Offended, You MUST NOT Read This Book My Erotica Stories Are Well Written, Unflinchingly Explicit, And Drenched In Graphic Sexual Description, Sometimes Covering Slightly Taboo And Challenging Topics, Almost All Of Which Are Wrapped Up Within The Central Themes Of Adultery And Female Domination My Stories Have The Potential To Outrage And Shock, But Also Offer Extreme Arousal And Entertainment To Broad Minded Individuals And Couples As My Reviews And My Reader S Emails TestifyBook DetailsExtended Short StoryMore Than , WordsMax Location All CharactersOr Over Sloppy Thirds

About the Author: Zoe M. Bates

Hi I m Zoe, and I just love to write Erotica not Romance I m afraid , and have done so for six years, during which time I ve made loads of great reader and writer friends, although I m very new here on Goodreads.If you d like to say hi, or discuss what you ve liked in my books, or to tell me what you d love me to write about in the future, please feel free to contact me here at Goodreads, or mail

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