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Destructive Some villains are made Some villains are born And some villains aren t villains at all Nate DeLuca was born into a life he didn t want Forced to walk a path that was already chosen for him Grandson to a mob boss, he s forever torn between his duty, his honor, his legacy, and the truth But the truth is never simple, and it s not at all what it seems In a world full of secrets, heartache, and betrayals, Nate only has one thing on his mind redemption But with redemption comes destruction And that destruction might cost him his heart Three Lives Two Loves One ticking time bomb Tick tock

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    5 starsEvery day, we rise This book is one I ve been waiting for for YEARS I read the first book in this series in May of 2015, so it s been a while, but let me tell you It was so worth the wait I loved it so much that when I finished it in late December, I rearranged all my top reads of the year and put it in the top 3 It was that good Nate is one of my favorite characters Jay has ever written and this book just solidified that He s not perfect, but I believe he does th 5 starsEvery day, we

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    FIVE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author I walk away, fighting against my craving to be near her Because my mind knows it as much as my heart does that I d rather die a thousand deaths beside her than live a single day without DESTRUCTIVE , the third and final installment of Jay McLean sCombativeseries, was gut wrenchingly angsty, and at times I wanted to step away from it for fear of having my heart shattered into a million pieces What I can say to those of you who have wai FIVE STARS ARC Gen

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    I NEED A DATE Someone give me a dateeeeeeeeee Nate, Ky, Bailee, Tiny, Aroma Pleaseeeeee I NEED IT

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    5 TINY TACO SHELLS DESTRUCTIVE Is the third and final, full length book in the Combative Trilogy Spoken in Dual Perspectives I don t even know how to go about the writing up of this review But what a BANG to leave 2019 with.Three Lives Two Loves One ticking time bomb Tick tock AND SO THE STORY BEGINS..Nates family tree within the mafia organisation can be traced back to his nonno who was the original Don The Godfather, making Nates mother a princess and crowning him a 5 TINY TACO SHELLS DESTRUCTIVE Is the thi

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    I always feel extremely cliche saying that Jay McLean has done it again, but seriously you guys, JAY MCLEAN HAS DONE IT AGAIN Most of us have been waiting an admittedly long time for this book We were so invested in this series that we have been pestering this woman non stop demanding some answers Well, I will say that the wait was worth it Waiting for her characters to speak to her was WELL FREAKING WORTH IT.I promised that I wouldn t spoil anything, so I can t go into too much detail, but I always feel extremely

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    6 To love freely starsEVERY DAY WE RISEThis story destroyed me for good My heart was shattering in million pieces through out the entire book, but thank God that Jay pieced me back together and she left a huge smile on my face Honestly, guys This story will be one that I m gonna savor for the rest of my life Yes, i cried a lot in here and i cried very ugly, but it was worth it Every second worth itI d never had to wonder what it felt like to have a broke6 To love freely starsEVERY DAY WE RISEThis story destroyed me for g

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    I reread the first and second books, because I didn t remember all story, and I thought the female character was so pathetic and slowWell, meanwhile I started this book, I had some breakdowns and was being really mad at the author WTF How could she BUT I didn t see this coming, PERFECT.It s worth the reading

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    I m not quite sure how to write this review without giving anything away Jay McLean stole my heart so long ago and she s held a part of it since then With every word and every book, I mthan in love with every word she writes I never know where the road will take me and even though her words should bethan enough, I m always left wantingthe heartache and hope she delivers kicks you in the gut, yet you re always reminded of that first and forever love So you push through, then I m not quite sure how to write this review without giving

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    I m not even sure that I can wax eloquently with this review, but I will try and get a few words out Wow..just wow Did Jay McLean do it or what What a wild and crazy ride I am shook If you want something dark and edgy, then this trilogy is for you Totally different than anything I ve ever read from Jay, and I love it I love books that have insane twists and turns, and this one totally threw me for a loop I loveeee Nate, and Bailey Such strong characters, and the romance It was a slow I m not even sure that I can wax eloquently with this r

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    3.5 it made me feel and I shed tears but there is stuff that I didn t like too Can we get a great ending epilogue.

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