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The Emerald Peacock INDIA A LAND OF PASSION AND DANGER, LOVE AND BETRAYALThey eloped to an exotic palace high in the majestic hills Bianca O Neil, a beautiful Irish girl and Sher Khan, the passionate Prince of Tigers, ruler of Lambagh, and heir to the Peacock ThroneIt was a turbulent passion shadowed by treachery and greed, consumed by the flames of rebellion that swept the country and ultimately challenged by enemies who coveted the emblem of Sher Khan s power the rare and wondrous jewels of THE EMERALD PEACOCK

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    Earlier this year, I read and fell in love with M.M Kaye s book The Far Pavilions Once I finished it, I started combing the internet for other books set in the time of the British Raj in India This book is the first of a series by Katharine Gordon, published in the 1970s, and it was difficult to find I eventually bought

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    Book 1 was amazing Book 2 was like, what And also what

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    rereading this book trying to find good books to read with a class about India next term.Well, I won t use this with a class It was a good read, although one of the heroines the tale is sort of in two parts drove me nuts This being said, I suppose as a 16 year old in the 1860 s we can t expect too much Hard to tell if my copy is co

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    pure escapist romance I loved it.

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