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Alien Warrior's Captive Earthling Zyn is an ice cold alpha alien All emotion has been tortured out of him, and now he is a weapon with fangs Until he meets herShe has his species most desired food her hot bloodHe didn t think Tellurians still lived, but now he has rescued one He thought he was ice and had no feelings He thought he was only good at one thing being a lethal warrior But the Tellurian named Anna, a soft civilian, battles him at every turn She is as beautiful as she is vexing and outspoken, and she is getting under his icy control Anna wants her freedom, but she never imagined an alien with a rocking hot body and icy control would be the one to save her But if he doesn t listen to her soon, she s going to have to take him down with a kiss, just to show him who is really the boss

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    3.5 stars

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    Just too slow paced and boring I couldn t finish it DNF at 72%

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    You knowI REALLY HATE that I have to review this book at a 3 There is such promise in the plot and storyline But the writer was very stilted and the scenes were very sketchy I give reviews like this because I am not trying to be a book basher I just see such promise in this story but it falls flat IF, and yes IF the author writes another story continuing this group, I will read it No mat

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    Unique 2.5 Stars Alien Warrior s Captive Earthling by Kat Emm, needs some work but it does have fun world building, which she can expanded First the title really Yikes No imagination, as ita synopsis than a book title Second the story is unique, I will give the author points for originality Alien Deadly Shoes But what makes the shoes so lethal is never explained Third the books sentence s

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    Neat idea ruined by odd writing I had to reread several sentences in the first few pages and some still didn t make sense This doesn t read like a final draft.The plot is sporadic and nonsensical The dialogue is cheesy The chemistry is good No world building.Mature content

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    It could have been awesome I love these type of stories, but the writing good lord.It was confusing, contradictory and just plain annoying.

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    I loved everything in this book Now I m excited to read the second one.

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    Sexy AlienI enjoyed the storylineI enjoyed the characters and how they were writtenI like how Zyn was not unemotional when Anna was around even though he tried to be.Sexy sex

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    I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW AND THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION A MUST READ IF YOU LIKE ALIENS, FUTURE TIME STORIES ,MODERN VAMPIRES VIPERS Zyn, a half breed Viper a type of vampire but he doesn t drink human blood, he is all mission oriented is the commander of a ship , his second in command is Axi , full blooded Viper, Zyn is, was after the money a job paid On this trip they are tol

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    Didn t Hate it,but I sure as Hell didn t enjoy it A good book story to me is a fun fast flowing ride that you never want to end,this Was a long slow dry uphill slog and I was relieved when it was over Zyn and Anna were ok but honestly I wasn t crazy about either, Anna was just kinda there to me she was ok, but just had enough personality and development to say she was there and Zyn ,well he pla

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