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If the Stick Turns Pink... It was the perfect plan Melanie Watters wanted a baby badly, so she proposed marriage to the most confirmed bachelor in town her best friend, Bailey Jenkins In return for getting Melanie pregnant, frustrated pageant judge Bailey could escape the clutches of the town s tiara hungry single women Surely their friendship could survive this marriage of convenience unscathed They had agreed to divorce after Melanie became pregnant, but playing house with Bailey soon stirred deep passions in her, and things quickly got complicated Melanie found herself torn between her desire for a child and her growing feelings for her husband Would having the baby she d dreamed of ruin their perfect marriage

10 thoughts on “If the Stick Turns Pink...

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    This was cute

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    Le do el 17 09 2009

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    A very nice, well written, heart felt story One of those love stories has a real feeling to it

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    la historia es simple o son amigos o tienen ventajas sin mezclas las dos tienes 2 alternativas, xito o fracaso.

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    cute friends who become lovers.

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    Me encant , aunque se me hizo terriblemente corto 3.5

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    was crazy about this book

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