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Luminary ACE for ASIN BNAKMEThe third installment of The Faylinn NovelsHeartbroken and a prisoner in her own castle, it was time for Calliope to take matters into her own hands Mere days remained until she was bound to Sakari and the Waking Oak was destroyed It seemed hopeless, but Calliope was determined to fight Loyal to the core, Sakari had always respected and followed his father s direction, but Adair was pushing boundaries Sakari wasn t sure he wanted to cross Yet remaining loyal to his kingdom would hurt the ones he loved the most Kai had a plan to save Faylinn It was risky and would require a sacrifice that could cost him his life, but if he didn t try, Calliope would be lost to him forever War in Faylinn was fast approaching Hearts would be broken Sacrifices would be made Lives would be lost Only the strongest would be left standing

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    Omg Ms Hayes your killing me Ugh I love these characters and hate them This whole story is magnificent I was not expecting to fall for hard for some characters and then you break my heart Why why why I know why because you can Hahahaha I cried and cried My heart is hurting for these wonderful faeries Love Faylinn

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    Have you ever started a book only to find yourself staying up into the late night because you NEED to know how it ends This is that kind of book As the last book in the Faylinn trilogy, I was amazed at the path it took with my emotions It is just as beautifully written as the previous 2 books but I think Mindy Hayes gave her characters so much passion and feeling t

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    My expectations for this book were pretty high after reading Ember because Kai swoon and this book definitely delivered Luminary is officially my favorite one of this series

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    These books deserve everything Seriously The story just couldn t keep growing and growing and becoming epic.I m breathless My heart is bleeding And I cant believe its over There was a moment when I considered the options, the possible outcomes The outcome was, as one would say, fated These books are about choices, and becoming what you re supposed to be But never forgetting th

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    OMG I love this series I know the author is still updating but the ending of this book is PERFECT 5 stars all the way and that s just from a beta copy.

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    This was the best of the series 4.5.

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    Can I just say how good this book was It was amazing

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    I received a copy of Luminary by Mindy Hayes in anticipation of its release on September 4th and I am very excited to share with you the final chapter of Calliope s story.I am a huge fan of Mindy Hayes, I think she is a brilliant writer and I always look forward to her books I ve gotten a chance to read all three of the books in her Faylinn series Kaleidoscope Ember and now LuminaryAs well as the fir

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    Luminary is the end to something completely magical to me for a lot of reasons It was a completely beautiful ending to one of the best fairy series out there Kaleidoscope was also the first indie book that I ever read I stumbled upon Mindy s blog in late May of 2013 while researching Vlogs I watched her Vlog and thought I want to read her writing Just to my luck she was giving away a copy of Kaleidoscope I

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    I received a copy from the author for a fair review.I was so excited and highly anticipating this final book in Calliope story After reading Ember I was dying for this book, I was left wanting so bad to find out if Kai would return or fight for her I also wanted to see if she would fight for those she loved, or would she be pushed into a life she didn t want.This book was everything I wanted and , I had to wait

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