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Forever Young PDF Forever Young Author Steven Carroll Buyprobolan50.co.uk The Latest Novel By Acclaimed Novelist Steven Carroll, Winner Of The Prime Minister S Award And The Miles Franklin Award And Is Nostalgia Not So Much A Longing For A Place Or A Time, As A Longing For Youth Itself Forever Young Is Set Against The Tumultuous Period Of Change And Uncertainty That Was Australia In 1977 Whitlam Is About To Lose The Federal Election, And Things Will Never Be The Same Again The Times They Are A Changing Radicals Have Become Conservatives, Idealism Is Giving Way To Realism, Relationships Are Falling Apart, And Michael Is Finally Coming To Accept That He Will Never Be A Rock And Roll Musician.A Subtle And Graceful Exploration Of The Passage Of Time And Our Yearning For The Seeming Simplicities Of The Past, Forever Young Is A Powerfully Moving Work Clear Beautiful, Affecting By One Of Our Greatest Authors.

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    I loved this novel maybe I am still be a Melburnian at heart so can readily relate to the characters and settings of Carroll s Glenroy novels, of which this is the 5th I am also approximately the same age as one of the main characters of the series, Michael, so again I can identify

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    I have read some really good books so far this year, but, this is my favourite I will be disappointed almost if I read one that betters it Unlike many authors who write to impress us their vast and superior knowledge of language patronizing , Carroll writes with a subtle, elegant and una

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    Forever Young, by Steven Carroll, won the Miles Franklin, the Commonwealth Writers Prize, and jointly the Prime Minister s Literary Award Clearly it has been recognised for its literary merit, but my feelings about it are torn while I found some aspects of the characters compelling, and the wa

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    I have just abandoned this book half read in an airport, which I think gives you the general idea, although sometimes I do that because I hope someone special will pick up a truly great novel at a desperate moment in their life and it will stop them from hijacking a planenot the case with this one L

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    Slow and repetitive in it s style of writing I quite enjoyed the story and characters There is a lot of rumination which I personally quite like The descriptions of Melbourne and the Whitlam era were interesting ...

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    I m glad it s over Not my cup of tea The maximum excitement for Rita was two tram rides Excessively wordy without going anywhere I could not see the point of the Whitlam connections to this book I certainly won t be signing up for any others in the series.

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    While the concept and era seem really interesting this book was full of too many ideas and not enough narrative to keep me going.

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    This man writes very well indeed, although it is not my favorite genre.

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    3 1 2 starsA rambling story, full of ideas and thoughts generated by the extraordinary social upheavals of the Whitlam era in Australia It is set during the revolutionary period of the mid seventies in Australia when many people were very involved in sexual politics, the anti war movement, land rights, equal pay for women and en

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    One of the best books I read last year was A World of Other People by Stephen Carroll Forever Young is the fifth of his Glenroy series, a collection of stand alone stories that follow suburban couple Vic and Rita through much of Australian twentieth century history.This story focuses on their son Michael, who is about to leave Austral

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