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Family of Lies Sebastian Orwell Did The Only Thing A Smart Wizard Could Do When He Stumbled Upon The Wounded Crown Prince He Healed Him And Dumped Him In A Tavern Where He Could Continue Not Being Sebastian S Problem Unfortunately, The Prince Isn T Content With Being Alive, And He Hunts Sebastian Down To Thank Him Personally Not Only Is Sebastian Stuck With The Prince S Unwanted Affections, He S Also Confronted By Growing Evidence Linking The Assassination Attempt To Someone From His Father S Past.Lord Orwell Is A Lot Of Things Thief, Liar, Drunk, And All Around Horrible Father, But Sebastian Knows He S No Murderer In Order To Prove It, Sebastian Has To Keep The Prince Alive Long Enough To Discover The Truth A Task Made Considerably Harder Because The Idiot Prince Prefers Wooing Sebastian Over Securing His Own Survival On Top Of Everything, Sebastian Needs To Save The Day Without Revealing His Magical Powers And The Real Reason He Hides His Appearance.Sebastian Had No Intention Of Playing The Hero, But Whoever Is Stirring Up Shit In His Country Will Pay For Destroying His Quiet Life.

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    that time i spent all night cackling like a witch.family, amirite so, last night i was all sad and angry over this motherfucker ex, all heartbroke and bitter tossing and turning, the betrayed expression on my face i could fucking feel without having to look

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    Lions and tigers and bears, oh my Well, not really, but it sort of felt that way to me.This well paced, action packed M M fantasy novel kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish and I thoroughly enjoyed the read, which clocked in at a bit over 320 pages.Seba

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    4.5 stars Surprisingly, this might be one of my fave reads of the year Surprisingly because I had some issues, but in the end, I really enjoyed it For fantasy fans, it can be a fun ride.Do you like fantasy If so, that s good, because I think that might be necessary This is base

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    Why is this book so popular It s terrible A new person is introduced roughly every 4 sentences And the main guy has so many siblings, I gave up trying to remember who was who after a while I had no idea what was goin...

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    Oh, how I loved this book What fun it was And I don t even care that I didn t understand what the hell was going on half the time It was that good This ticked ALL of my boxes The wit The snark The banter The feels I loved EVERYONE in this book, every single ...

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    My family is dinner theater at its worst Sebastian Orwell already has a small history with Prince Turren from when they were children and brawled over a book of all things, but he can t resist saving the Prince from death when he finds hims injured and dying Not wanting to be recognized or associated with h

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    This was fabulous but in a really low key way and understated way It is fantasy with magic, kingdoms and intrigue but it has an amusing caste of characters and a warm hearted romance at its core I also like the opposites attract element of the story.The world building is interesting and unique with all kinds of diffe

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    What s amazing about this book is that it s like watching a movie with adventure, action, fun snappy dialogue as well as romance I loved grouchy, snarky, good hearted Sebastian and his insane family, Prince Turren is a true romantic hero and figuring out the mystery while falling into the ...

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    4 shiny happy stars for this fun read, which made me smile, made me laugh, made me happy I had a full load of work to do this week and the thought of getting to this book during my breaks was really something I looked forward too.a happy BR with Maya thanks honey

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    This was a very long read but I wish it could have been longer IT S ONE OF THE BEST FANTASY BOOKS I VE READ TO DATE I love how it didn t focus only on Sebastian and Turren s relationship while the rest of the characters just blended in with their story No For me, this is a story of family and how blood will always be thicker than water no matter

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