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The Millionaire and the Glass Slipper Settling Down Was Not On J.T Hunt S To Do List Until His Ailing Father Delivered An Ultimatum Now The Millionaire Bachelor Was Suddenly Shopping For A Bride But, Happily Ever After Came With Strings Attached His Prospective Wife Had To Marry Him For Love.To Amy Kelton It Was Like A Fairy Tale First, She Got Trapped In An Elevator With A Tall, Dark And Sexy Stranger Now Jared Taylor Had Chosen Her A Lowly Assistant Over Her Beautiful, Successful Stepsister Talk About Being Swept Off Your Feet But, When Amy Uncovered Jared S Secret, She Had To Make A Choice Ignore Her Heart S Desire Or Accept The Dashing Bachelor S Glass Slipper And Run With It.

10 thoughts on “The Millionaire and the Glass Slipper

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    Wonderful romanceThis was an incredibly romantic story Not quick love or even a lot of sex Beautiful story that gives hope.

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    Le do el 03 05 2010

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    3 1 2 Stars This is the second installment in the series, with brother Jared Hunt working out a Plan B as he s certain he ll lose his inheritance Having Amy literally walk right into him makes him realize there have been a

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    Took me FORever to get through this book It wasn t a bad book It was just really, really slow I don t do slow well Anyway the hero is under a mandate from dad to get married to a woman who wants him for himself, not his money, an

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    It is simply one of my favourite books

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    I really enjoyed this book and J.T is evenloveable than his brother Justin in the 1st book I really can t wait to read book s 3 4 with there other two brothers Alex and Gray

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    I have really enjoyed the books in this set, fun characters and easy reads.

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    Part of The Hunt for Cinderella series working my way through them for the romance newsletter.

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    I really loved this book, it was so sweet and genuine.

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