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The Foreigner Back in the Great League s lands, trouble was brewing The notorious Crooked Tongues from the other side of Lake Ontario, rud to now be organized into a sort of an alliance, were posing a threat, so than ever before And yet, the War Chief, out of all people, was the one advocating negotiations, insisting on seeking a peaceful solution to the generations long hostility and war His followers were puzzled, the opposition outraged Meanwhile, Kentika has her own troubles to face Was it ever easy for a foreigner to fit into a new life For a girl who never even fit in among her own people, the challenge was becoming nearly impossible But then, on top of it all, the political trouble hit

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    Wow In the first chapter there is a grizzly bear attack The action never slows from this high point This masterpiece of historical fiction set in pre Colombian Upstate NY has it all, love, hate, bravery,war, peace, political intrigue, betrayal,loyalty, jealousy, attempted ass

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    twist and turns all the way throughZoe treats her characters with the loving touch that only a mother can know Her writing style is beyond interesting and factual It touches the very core of human interaction.

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    Wow, that brought back the Peacemaker books Loved that

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    The Foreigner, the second book of the People of the Longhouse series starts out with heart pumping action What could be worse than a vicious bear attack The first chapter comes alive with an intense bear attack and we also meet a new warrior, Ganayeda, Okwaho s older brother In this book the m

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    Wow what a ride This wonderful book continues the story of the culture clash between the People of the River and the Iroquois Okwaho returns home with Kentika as his woman She is nowelcome there than he was welcome in her world We get reacquainted with our old friends from the Peacemaker series and

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    The Foreigner People of the Longhouse Book 2 by Zoe Saadia is another great novel in her excellent historical fiction series about pre contact inhabitants of America.As European I know so little of American history and especially that of native Americans I devoured the first book in the series and was not

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    Set in early America, before contact with Europeans, Zoe Saadia s series is a treasure, bringing a little known period of history to light, and Foreigner, Book Two in the series, shows you why you ll want to rad the entire series The pace is fast, full of adventure In the first chapter, a grizzly bear attacks I

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    Having read the first book in this series, Beyond The Great River , I couldn t wait to get my hands on this one I love all of Author Zoe Saadia s books This one was evenexciting I was amazed by the first chapter The Foreigner People of the Longhouse Book 2 is based on historical fiction set in pre Columbian Lake Onta

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    The Foreigner People of the Longhouse Book 2 by Zoe SaadiaThe Foreigner is a really good follow up in the series and I hope there will be muchfrom this author.Okawaho and Kentika continue through their journey in the Peacemaker Series Kentika struggles with various emotions and experiences different cultures.Love, hate, pe

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    In this book it was even better, the mix of old and new characters Was delighted to see what happened to some people I cared very much about in the Peacemaker s books Let alone the new guys Loved the character development of both Kentika and Okwaho

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