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The Wheels of Change Simon Cross is a high profile ad exec and a womanizer He s a man both males and females alike love to hate Trouble arises when he gets involved with the wrong woman, and finds himself behind the wheel of a car without brakes Suddenly wheelchair bound, Simon is forced to re evaluate his life With his mother s drug problem, his reputation as a gigolo and his wealth, Simon finds the world looking down on him despite his disability In time he learns, through the eyes of his caregiver, that it isn t the way the world views him, rather, it s his view of the world that is the cause of his pain

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    Looking for a Good Mystery Novel Try Wheels of ChangeIf you are looking for an excellent mystery yarn then Wheels of Change by Sandy Appleyard should be next on your reading list Wheels is a whodunit by a very smart author who has been writing for nearly a decade.From the start, the author begins building an impressively complex story that could easily have spun away in any of six d

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    I just finished reading this page turner If you like thrillers full of action, mysteries, murders and life changing experiences, this book will be the perfect match for you The main characters are really interesting in their very own way Simon, the womanizer ad executive whose life is about to change after an accident, Darla the highly interesting occupational therapist, Nancy Simon s dru

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    I liked the book even though it got off to a slow start for me By the time I finished there was a whole lot of housework that hadn t been done because I just couldn t put this book down I did have a good idea who the killer was almost as soon as he was introduced but it didn t take anything away from the story for me As for Simon, I didn t like him at allin the beginning About halfway through m

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    The Wheels of ChangeGreat read I really enjoyed the main character s change of heart that happens throughout the story If you enjoy some mystery,who dunnit and a little romance thrown together with some inspiration I know you ll enjoy.

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    This was a good book I will look forfrom this author

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    Kept me interest to the end Great Book

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