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Beyond the Great River (People of the Longhouse #1) They felt she was too spirited, too forward, too boyish, not as feminine and as graceful as a young woman should be Their frowns followed her like a cloud, but she didn't care Other girls may have worked happily, danced beautifully, or sewn themselves pretty dresses, but they could not climb or run or swim as well as she did, the silly, giggly, emptyheaded creatures that they were The entire village may have been frowning at her, but when she spotted the enemy forces camping under the Sacred Hill, they had no choice but to listen Okwaho knew they were being watched Whether by spirits or a wandering local, he could not ignore the feeling of the wary, frightened, hatefilled eyes staring out of the forest, burning his skin But of course! Of course, the local woods distrusted them He and his people were invaders, not coming to trade or engage in other peaceful dealings, but to raid these settlements The enemies from the lands of the rising sun were bad, evil, impossible to understand And yet… And yet, when the urge to prove himself lent him enough words to convince the leader of their party to send him and his friend on the mission of scouting the suspected hill, he could not have imagined what consequences this deviation from the wellplanned road would lead them all into, the attackers and defenders alike

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    BEYOND THE GREAT RIVER takes place in what is now upstate New York in the early days of the great Iroquois Confederacy that was made up of the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca nations. To the East across the Great River or the River Whose Waters Are Never Still (Hudson River) lived the River People or as we know them, the Mohicans.
    Kentika, daughter of the War Chief of the River People, was unlike the other girls of her tribe. Sh

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    In this book we are introduced to a new set of Natives. First we meet Kentika, a plain looking girl that was more interested in doing warriors duties than female duties. Then we meet Migisso, Kentika's brother, a young man that would rather be a healer than follow in his War Chief father's footsteps. You will also run into Okwaho, the son of the Great War Chief of the Onondaga tribe and his friend, Akweks. These characters are quite likable and very

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    Beyond the Great River is a historical novel that takes place in the Great Lakes region during pre-Columbian times. I have spent little time in this part of the world and know little about the history of this region but I still found it quite easy to enjoy this novel. Military conflict, as is often the case in historical fiction, plays a large role in the story but, unlike

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    After finishing with the Peacemaker series I was looking forward to Zoe Saadia’s next book: “Beyond the Great River”. While I was interested in the new story line, I also hoped that I would be able to find my favourite characters from the Peacemaker series. I wasn’t disappointed! One of the main characters, the young invader, is indeed the adult son of Seketa and Tekeni from the previous series! Also, we are introduced to the children of the local W

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    This series takes place a short while after the Peacemaker series, which brought about the Great League of the Iroquois.

    The story centres around Kentiko, a young girl who does not behave as a young woman of her tribe should; she wants to fight, track, explore, rather than engage in domestic matters. Disappointingly for their warrior father, her brother, Migisso, does not feel comfortable with the path laid out for him, either. He does not want to fo

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    This is historical fiction at its best. I could feel myself as part of the story, torn between the two tribes. Each with their own beliefs and customs. Each believing they are right. Thrown into the mix, in West Side Story fashion, are Kentika, daughter of the War Chief of the River people, Migisso or The Eagle, Kentika's brother, and Okwaho, a warrior from the raiding tribe.
    Kentika loves to run and swim like a man, while her brother is more interested in he

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    This was truly an entertaining read. The main characters, a girl that was not feminine enough a young man that would rather be a healer than follow in his War Chief father's footsteps are quite likable and very believable. The prejudices that people exhibit tword those who they do not know seems silly until we think of the silly prejudices in today's societies. Th attraction between young people who are sworn enemies adds to the intrigue. Set in what is now upstate NY

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    Another great series begins !

    In this book, Zoe continues her tale of the people who walked this land long before Europeans arrived. Once again she has peopled her story with likable characters, who are forced by circumstances to reevaluate their prejudices and in so doing introduced us to a new group, the Mohicans. We are also introduced to the next generation of our old friends the Iroquois. I can hardly wait for the next book in the series.

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    A study of the similarities between people who don't believe they have any.

    Members of two different tribes, one male, one female, meet by chance and come to learn how similar they truly are. Both learn of the humanity of the other and marvel at the fact. A tale about respect burgeoning into love, proving that we are more alike than we may care to admit.

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    Captivating tale.

    A story about discovering and pursuing your own destiny. This tale also opens our eyes to the person within the enemy and the blindness of prejudice. Can we recognize honor when blinded by hate, ambition and fear? Are we really so different from the one we despise?

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Zoe Saadia is the author of several novels of pre Columbian Americas From the architects of the Aztec Empire to the founders of the Iroquois Great League, from the towering pyramids of the Mexican Valley to the longhouses of the Great Lakes, her novels bring long forgotten history, cultures and people to life, tracing pivotal events that brought about the greatness of North and Mesoamerica.Having

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