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Rangers of Linwood (The Five Kingdoms Book 1) At the age of four, Tesni was found, crying, wandering the streets of the city of Linwood Alastar Redleaf, known as Knives to the lads of the Thieves Guild, took the girl in and gave her his own last name By the time she was eight, she was one of the cleverest pickpockets in the kingdom Things quickly change, however, when Tesni makes the mistake of attempting to pick the pocket of one of the famed Rangers of Linwood Now legal, Tesni suddenly finds herself the target of Agrona, a dangerous sorceress who believes Tesni can help her gain a long vacant throne she has no right to Tesni must choose to either help Agrona or stand with the Rangers, for it is prophesized that her choices will affect the fate of the entire kingdom

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