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Beautifully Insightful EMILY MICHAELS Have You Ever Felt Like You Didn T Belong Like You Never Fit In, Or You Weren T Good Enough This Is How I Have Felt For As Long As I Can Remember I See The World Differently Than Everyone Else, I Feel Everything Differently And I Reflect On Life Differently And Being Different In My World Is Not A Good Thing.I Live In A Place That S Divided Between The Rich And The Poor, The Beautiful And The Unbeautiful, The Prestigious And The Mediocre I Have Always Belonged In The First Category, Because My Father Was The Governor Of Georgia Growing Up Around People I Could Never Relate With, My Life Had Always Been Lonely, That Was Until My Senior Year When I Met The One Boy Who Would Change My Life Forever A Boy Who My Parents Would Never Approve Of Because He Didn T Come From Money Or The Same Social Class He Rode A Motorcycle, Had Tattoos And Was Considered To Be From The Wrong Side Of The Tracks Yet He Was Still Envied By Many.Ryder Jameson Was Someone Who Every Guy Feared, And One Who Every Girl Wanted To Be Touched By He Didn T Do Attachments, Or Have Friends Until Me And For The First Time In My Life I Finally Felt Like I Belonged When I Was With Him, My Different Didn T Feel Wrong Or Ugly He Made Me Feel Beautiful Insightfully Beautiful Then One Day My World Came Crashing Down On Me, And It Would Be Six Years Before I D Once Again See The Boy I Fell In Love With RYDER JAMESON After Working My Ass Off I Am Given The Opportunity Of A Lifetime, And If I Pull It Off I Will Be The Youngest FBI Agent To Run One Of The Biggest Undercover Operations In History Only The Case That Gets Thrown In Front Of Me Leads Me Back To The One Place I Swore I Would Never Return To, And To The Only Girl Who S Ever Mattered To Me Except Emily Michaels Is Not The Same Girl I Left Behind She Still Looks The Same, She S Still Beautiful Inside And Out, But There S One Thing That S Very Different About Her, One Very Big Thing, And It S Something I Didn T Think Was Possible.Ryder And I Come From A World Where Politics Separates Us And Wealth Defines Us, But Even After All This Time We Will Not Let It Divide Us Here Is Our Story.

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    4.5 Insightful StarsI just loved Emily and Ryder s love story set six years in the past They were two of the most unlikely of teenagers to fall madly in love with one another and I had butterflies for them Emily Michaels is the governor s daughter who lives in darkness since she was a child She sets out to attend sch

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    5 Insightful Stars Emily and Ryder fell in love when they were in high school, but their love was doomed She was the daughter of the Governor that even blind saw people better than those with full vision He was the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks Her father successfully managed to break them apart and they don t see

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    Emily is sweet and caring 17 years old girl She s the Governor s daughter Her family is wealthy and powerful Despite the fact her parents are cold and manipulative, she is still a innocent girl She s nothing like them She doesn t judge a book by its cover She sees beyond people bank account or where they come from Ryder is from the wron

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    I am very excited to tell you about one of my all time favorite books.I wasn t prepared for the emotional roller coaster I rode, but it was worth it When I decided for this book my expectations weren t extremely high, but after the first chapter, it was a hit for me Emily and Rider s story begins in high school Emily is the Governors daughter, in

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    4.5 Seeing You StarsI can not tell you how amazing this book is It s a bundle of everything.It wasIt had action, romance, angst, and hot i mean like HOT sex and most of all fucking RYDER.So the story is about Emily Emily is the governors daughter and she s blind She s been blind since she was 7 years old Don t know how it happened all she nows is that she

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    I am so unhappy now I don t know how to rate this bookLet me explain my feelings about it The book has 2 parts and PART I 6 years ago is like 5 or 10 stars orfor me, too good to be true And then comes PART II 6 years later Present and it doesn t live up to the expectations Part I has created at all I am so d...

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    3.5 STARSThis was a good book with a great message It shows how people should be judged not on race, social class or any other means of division, but by their character and their souls I loved the beginning, the before part, and felt it was different from the usual NA out there The after part, when Ryder and Emily reunite after 6 years was not as good for a few reasons When R

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    Against all odds but in the end I prevailed Loved this book

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    5 Ice blue eyes starsI ve come to believe that EVERY book by K.C Lynn isamazingly beautifulEvery book is full of passion, LOVE, trust, angst mixed in theBESTway This was different book Book that made me cry and laugh Made my hearthurtbecause it shows how cruel this world can be But not only that. this book shows that LOVE can conquerEVERYTHINGand that you need to FIGHT for what you love and what

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    .My first 6 er of 2015, I FREAKIN ADORED THIS BOOK, FRIGGIN LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT The connection between Emily I had an extra big smile every time he called her Em it was like he was talking to me, that I was there So stupid I know but I just really, really liked and enjoyed that and Ryder was so instant and intense, never losing it s touch from beginning to end Ryder has to be one of my all time favourite

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