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A Second Chance at Crimson Ranch (Crimson, Colorado #2) It was so good to go back to Crimson, Colorado These two had big issues to over cover before they could trust each other, but how can you deny chemistry like that It just built and built as they worked together, and along with the chemistry was a healthy dose of humor Another great book in Michelle Major s series. Major spins her storytelling web with a visual narrative that enlivens the majestic beauty of Colorado while telling her heartbreaking tale Her use of timely humor softens the sting of tragedy Watching the couple rise from the ashes of their destructive pasts is exhilarating RT Book Reviews, 4 1 2 stars. I honestly can t remember cheering for a couple to get their happy ending as much as I did for Olivia and Logan The slow build of the characters gave me time to get to know them and learn to love them Probably one of my favorite SE books in a long time I hope we get to see of them in future Crimson Ranch stories especially if it s Natalie s story. I always enjoy Michelle s books This book stars a strong cast with a believable love story between the main characters This time the Travers brother, Logan, has his chance at love I like that the leading lady was older than her boyfriend, as I am married to a younger man I enjoyed seeing Olivia s character growing and becoming into her own person Logan is a great guy, but he still can t let go of his troubled teen years These two need each other There were some touching scenes, as well, as some hot romantic scenes. After her husband ran off with his secretary, took all the money and left the town as its worst mayor ever Olivia picks up the pieces and continues work on the Community Center close to her heart Enter Logan, a magically dance and her offers to help her finish the Center But he always maintained when the job was done, he had to leave, too many bad memories in Crimson for him to stay Ultimately, he sees through her brave act as she does his tough facade and both discover just how right they are for each other If you enjoy second chance stories with happy endings, this book is for you A swoon worthy hero with a bad boy rep and a heart of good, plus a heroine who doesn t know how strong she really is add up to a great read with an interesting twist Another book well done by Michelle Major. Charming Romance with Passion and Humor Thrilled with Major s latest release which sends us back to Crimson, Colorado This time, we meet Olivia who has been left to pick up the pieces her cheating husband left behind Rather than leave the town she s grown to love, she holds her head high and continues her plan to see the town s community center rebuilt Enter Logan, our sigh worthy hero, who needs some rebuilding of his own Olivia ignores his troubled past and sees him for the amazing man he is Thoroughly enjoyed the sizzling tension between these two and the doses of humor I highly recommend it GOOD WITH HIS HANDS, BAD FOR HER HEART Ever since her marriage went up in flames, Olivia Wilder hasn t had the desire for love But one magical dance with Logan Travers might change all that The blue eyed hometown hunk is a bit younger and a whole lot sexier than any man she s ever dated before This is one carpenter Olivia would like to get to know better, and not just because of his building skills From his first dance with Olivia, Logan knows there s something special about the beautiful brunette The she s determined to keep him at arm s length, the Logan wants her in his embrace And the Olivia says she s just passing through, the resolved Logan is to make her his, forever

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