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The Little Shop of Hopes and Dreams Nicole Harrison Is Planning The Proposal Of The Century Too Bad Its Not Her Own Nicole, A Born Organiser And True Romantic, Has Created Her Dream Job When She Sets Up The Hopes Dreams Proposal Agency Staging YouTube Worthy Proposals Until She S Hired To Plan A Proposal By Gorgeous Photographer Alex Black S Girlfriend.Alex Is The New Year S Kiss That Nicole Hasn T Been Able To Forget And Now She S Planning His Wedding To Someone Else But If She Lets Herself Fall For Alex S Charms, Her Reputation And Business Will Be Ruined Before It S Even Got Off The Ground Suddenly The Girl Whose Always Prepared Is At A Loss And Falling Head Over Heels. NO.Questo libro tutto un NO.Mai lettura stata cos noiosa, frivola, inutile e irrilevante.No al linguaggio da ragazzine delle medie per tre donne che sfiorano la trentina.No alle amiche alla Sex and the City de noi altri che spingono la protagonista a essere ancora pi stupida.No ai continui punti esclamativi che mi danno ai nervi.No all epilogo che s intravede da pagina due ho capito che un romance leggero e che tutti sappiamo come andr a finire, ma, andiamo, un colpo di scena Qualcosa che almeno insinui un dubbio No agli uomini belli, sexy ma indecisi, a cui piace stare The story started very well with New Year in the night club.Ten months on at Hopes and Dreams Proposal Planners the characters all seem a little annoying until Saffron enters the planners.Saffron quite a demanding client but she s not scared of going for what she wants a proposal for Alex, the same Alex from the New Year party.Nicole planning Alex s proposal was set for a disaster from the start Why did she take this job The thing is though Nicole s feelings are not one sided Alex feels for her too My favourite wedding she went with Alex to was the Victorian railway.The book is a little like Paige Toon s Thirteen Weddings I don t mind Alex as a person and I think he brings out the best in Nicole Nicole should have told everyone the truth much earlier and live for herself for a change not other people.Nicole suggesting her I couldn t wait to dive into The Shop of Hopes and dreams It has such a wonderful, festive, romantic cover and intriguing synopsis and I really hoped it s going to be the next jackpot on my ever growing list of jackpots And as Fiona Harper is a new author too me, it was much exciting.Nicole runs her own proposing business and she is desperately in need of clients, best high profile clients, who would take her and her Shop of Dreams and Hopes to the magazines, just like her biggest rivals do And yes, one day her dreams come true and Saffron, an It girl, hires her to arrange her proposal to her boyfriend Sounds good, normal, seamless and problem free Oh no When Nicole sets out on her mission as an under cover journalist to get to know Alex to find out a little about him to organize the best proposal, it turns out that Alex is the guy that she snogged at the New Year s Party and can t forget And, as it seems, he didn t forget her as well.I couldn t so much connect to the characters Nicole, and all the others, seemed a little too flat for me, too meh, and I d like them to have stronger personalities Nicole After finishing up K.A Tucker s fabulous new novel Burying Water, I had no idea what to read next None at all How do you pick something else to read after such an awesome book I didn t know how, so I plumped for one of the October books I need to read and review, and I picked the one with the prettiest cover The Little Shop of Hopes Dreams has the prettiest book cover I think I ve ever seen it s gorgeous, and I was intrigued to see if the insides matched up to the outsides I ve never read a book about a proposal planner before and it sounded really interesting, so I couldn t wait to dive in But, unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with the novel.Any book that came after Burying Water was always going to disappoint, and while The Little Shop of Hopes Dreams had an interesting start with Nicole and Alex kissing at New Year s, from there for me it just went down hill I liked Nicole and Alex well enough, but I don t agree with what she did You don t agree to plan a proposal for a guy who you may have feelings for, and you certainly don t pretend to be a journalist when you go scope him out for his proposal, and take him up on his offer of shooting a wedding to get experience of different weddings jobs, as Nicole is a wedding journalist You don t go to a second wedding, and a th

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