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Training an Unruly Submissive (Sensation, Louisiana, #1) Spider shifter Sienna Haze is a dominant and sensual woman who believes all subs should be treated with a firm hand However, when her mate catches her with another woman and walks out on her, she lets her leave Eight months later, Kallie Checkwing returns to Sensation after her mother s death and finds herself as drawn to Sienna as ever Wary, she tries to keep as much distance between them as possible, but an attempt to kidnap her throws Kallie into Sienna s arms and training as a submissiveUndisciplined, Kallie resists the discipline Sienna imposes on her In spite of that, she finds herself irrevocably drawn into the sensual world of pain and pleasure With each moment, Kallie falls deeper in love, and danger closes in on them with another strike So, to protect her, Sienna goes hunting with a deadly vengeance determined to stop the merciless evil before it can make its last strike against Kallie

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    In the town called Sensation there are spider shifters, butterfly shifters, ladybug shifters, scorpion shifters, and possiblyin this interesting community Fascinatingly, there are no mortals, just witch shifters I am fairly new to shifter literature and legends, but I was astounded at the extraordinary speed and variation as these entities move

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    This needs a sequel Sienna and Kallie were so amazing together I loved the whole story and the part with Kami and them together was hot Maybe a sequel with pregnancy and family life

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    Loved itI took a chance on reading an older book by Serenity and it paid off This one easily moved into my favorites by this author The storyline is complex and so easy to get lost in The characters are as well It s a fun ride getting to know them all I wish this were another series I know I m greedy.

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