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Augustus: The Life of Rome's First Emperor He found Rome made of clay and left it made of marble As Rome s first emperor, Augustus transformed the unruly Republic into the greatest empire the world had ever seen His consolidation and expansion of Roman power two thousand years ago laid the foundations, for all of Western history to follow Yet, despite Augustus s accomplishments, very few biographers have concentrated on the man himself, instead choosing to chronicle the age in which he lived Here, Anthony Everitt, the bestselling author of Cicero, gives a spellbinding and intimate account of his illustrious subject Augustus began his career as an inexperienced teenager plucked from his studies to take center stage in the drama of Roman politics, assisted by two school friends, Agrippa and Maecenas Augustus s rise to power began with the assassination of his great uncle and adoptive father, Julius Caesar, and culminated in the titanic duel with Mark Antony and CleopatraThe world that made Augustus and that he himself later remade was driven by intrigue, sex, ceremony, violence, scandal, and naked ambition Everitt has taken some of the household names of history Caesar, Brutus, Cassius, Antony, Cleopatra whom few know the full truth about, and turned them into flesh and blood human beingsAt a time when many consider America an empire, this stunning portrait of the greatest emperor who ever lived makes for enlightening and engrossing reading Everitt brings to life the world of a giant, rendered faithfully and sympathetically in human scale A study of power and political genius, Augustusis a vivid, compelling biography of one of the most important rulers in history From the Hardcover edition

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    I have tried over and over again to write a review on this outstanding and spellbinding book but without success Nevertheless what I will state categorically is that Everitt has succeeded magnificently in bringing Augustus alive to the reader The author also achieved a real sense of place as Rome also became alive to me I so wish that the book had been longer as

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    The story of Augustus is woven with betrayal violence His rise to power, his political adversaries, and his unprecedented rule at are all covered in glorious detail while remaining engaging informative Augustus is a fascinating historical figure this is by far the most compelling narrative I ve read about how he rose to power through clever maneuvers and an unyielding

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    Probably the best either this one or Cicero 4 stars3.

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    Augustus by Anthony Everitt is a very reader accessible biography of Augustus, Rome s first Emperor The book is a chronicle of the entire life of Augustus and his parents from birth to death 70 BCE 14 CE His family was a famous one, well known to those of us familiar with Shakespeare s political stage plays and several PBS Masterpiece series However, as much as the political an

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    Towards the end of his previous book, Cicero , Everitt describes Cicero taking Julius Caesar s grand nephew, the young Gaius Octavius, under his wing and introducing him to the world of Roman politics In gratitude, the young Gaius winds up forming an alliance with Mark Antony and reluctantly agreeing to have Cicero killed although he forces Antony to murder his uncle in exchange Thu

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    I do not think I ever read a book on Roman history that I did not like and this book has not changed that Augustus is considered Rome s first Emperor due to the fact that he spent over 40 years as Emperor He came to this position by being the nephew and then becoming Julius Caesar s adopted son Caesar trained him, as a youngster, in the rudiments of Rome s military leadership training Ho

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    Writing a biography about a person that lived 2,000 years ago is a risky endeavor for anyone who strives for historical accuracy Even when the person is Augustus Caesar, the known facts predominantly consist of isolated events of macro importance or fragments of writing that have lost much of their context As is the case with Augustus The Life of Rome s First Emperor, extensive speculation is

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    Very well done Told as narratively as possible, almost in novel form at some points Very engaging, makes you feel like you know these people If you liked the HBO series, you ll like this book It was a very easy read each time I picked it up, which is saying something as I read it during a very stressful time during which I didn t have a lot of time to spare But I always enjoyed diving into it You

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    A solid biography of the founding father of the Roman Principate Indulges in a fair amount of speculation, but I suppose that s what separates scholarly history from popular history, and the author gives you plenty of notice when he s off on a flight of informed fancy Besides, given the paucity of reliable sources for much of Gaius s Octavian s Augustus s life, perhaps some speculation is called for.An

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    Approachable biography of one of the most important figures in western history The book, being relatively short, is dense but very informative Beside Augustus itself, Everitt brings to life many historical figures that had an influence on the emperor both past and contemporary and are essential to understand the political situation at the time This approach contributes to a true 360 degrees view of the main

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