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The Sign of the Beaver Twelveyearold Matt is left on his own in the Maine wilderness while his father leaves to bring the rest of the family to their new settlement When he befriends Attean, an Indian chief's grandson, he is invited to join the Beaver tribe and move north Should Matt abandon his hopes of ever seeing his family again and go on to a new life?

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    It's the time of the American Revolution and new Americans like Matt and his family are heading out to colonize areas of virgin territory.

    Matt and his father head to Maine territory to stake their claim, which involves declaring their land, building a home a

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    Great historical fiction novel for YAs. The year is 1768 in Maine. The white men are taking land from the Native Americans. Thirteen-year-old Matt is left alone after the cabin home in the wilderness is built to grab his pregnant wife and young daughter in Massachusetts. Whi

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    When I read this book at a much younger age, I adored it. Let's be real, I probably had an unrealistic crush on the fictional Attean. Tall, dark, handsome, strong, intelligent, good with hands... ;)

    Alright, alright so he is 14 in this book, but I was merely a young la

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    For this category of book: Historical Fiction Mid-Elementary to Middle School this is a 5 Star book.

    It is a great book to give a child who needs reading practice but likes good stories. I had my recent students
    read it aloud to me and it was perfect for that also.

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    I read this book years ago before I started my Goodreads account and added it to my shelves based on my long term memories of it, but I have lowered my original rating (from 4 stars to 2 stars) after reading several newer articles about its problematic misrepresentation of Native Americans

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    In my book, Sign of the Beaver, Matt an English teenage settler befriends and Indian named Attean. I found this book interesting because during this time the English and the Indians had a relationship that could best be described as fighting.
    I couldn’t get over the fact that Matt seemed

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    A quite enjoyable read for a Sunday afternoon. It's simple and easy, asking relevant questions for any young kid in elementary school. Historical without being too overwhelmingly detailed. Heartfelt and sincere without being too sappy. I feel like I read this back during my early homeschool days, bu

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    Great book for young men! I liked the illustration of both sides of the story from the Native American point of view as well as the English settler. I loved the continual comparison to Robinson Crusoe as well as the Bible references and similar Native American version of the story of Noah. I cried when A

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    This book was very detailed that almost made the book way more interesting. When I found out that the book was based off of an actual story (well mostly) I was shocked with surprise because I usually HATE with a capital H.A.T.E Historical Fiction. The ending of this book took me by surprise because Ben never

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    I thought the Sign of the Beaver was a five star book because there was so much action that made you wonder will he make it or something else. We read this book during class. It had so many wondering moments like Will Matts parents make it back to sleep the cabin? That's why I gave this book the amazing five star

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