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Don't Send a Resume: And Other Contrarian Rules to Help Land a Great Job Following The Success Of The National Bestseller How To Become CEO, Fox Lays Down The Rules On Landing A Dream Job Easy To Read With Inspiring Advice, This Book Claims Success With Rules Such As Looking Like A Player, Don T Ask For Directions, Make A Big Splash And Keeping Mum In Most Interviews

10 thoughts on “Don't Send a Resume: And Other Contrarian Rules to Help Land a Great Job

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    Originally purchased this book when I was recruiting job candidates because I really enjoyed other Jeffrey Fox books I d definitely recommend to anyone looking for a job Disregard the title, there is little about dream jobs in it I am guessing that is the publisher trying to make t

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    Fox has many helpful tips in this small volume Some of them I had read in other books of this nature and others I had not There was enough original material here to make me glad that I was reading it Plus, he offers examples of what he means by a resu letter, boomerang letter, and a pre

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    I m giving it 3 stars not because it s a bad book it s actually quite good for its purpose not all the ideas are new, but the book is concise and to the point , but because it s depressing as hell Between being compared to a cereal box all the time which is true, companies see us as a product

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    Has some good ideas and some bad ones This book was written in 2001, so I was surprised that it didn t include anything about online job searches or email The things I d like to remember from this book are to point out what I can do for the company, not what the company can do for me to follow up a

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    This a bit old book Many advises are well known to everyone If you have some experience I don t believe that you find something new However it s a not bad glossary for young employees and students.

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    Must have I think this book needs read everybody

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    Helpful, easy to read.

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    A clear sales methodology for lifetime employment.

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    Straight forward Easy to read The author writes in a direct, crisp and upbeat manner The gist of the book is that you are the product and you need to sell yourself to prospective employees.Fox recommends avoiding sending resumes to everyone but rather doing lots of homework on the 5 or so companies where you think you would like

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    Very short read The title Sometimes, do send a CV, but if you do, make sure it stands out might have beenaccurate Maybe it didn t score as high with the control groups.

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