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The Murder Stone The Great War is still raging in the autumn of , when Francesca Hatton s beloved grandfather dies on the family estate in England s isolated Exe Valley Grieving for the man who raised her, Francesca is stunned to find an unsigned letter among his effects, cursing the Hattons and their descendants Now a stranger has shown up on her doorstep, accusing her grandfather of being a murderer Ex soldier Richard Leighton blames Francis Hatton for the death of his mother, who vanished nearly a quarter of a century earlier Her body was never found, only a shawl stained with her blood And Leighton is not the only one with a claim on Francesca s grandfather On the day of his funeral, unexpected visitors arrive with the mourners, and Francesca is besieged by charges of Hatton s vicious dealings Yet there is also a shy young woman who praises his secret generosityAt the center of the intrigue is an unusual white stone that lies hidden in a secluded garden where Francesca once played with her five male cousins, all of them dead now on the battlefields of France According to the terms of Hatton s will, the Murder Stone must be dug up and transported to Scotland, where it is to be buried forever But before Francesca can begin the journey, a series of ominous accidents occur, culminating in the discovery of a bleeding body on the Murder Stone itselfWas Hatton the loving, caring protector his granddaughter always believed him to be Or a vindictive, secretive man who cultivated dangerous enemies Francesca sets out in pursuit of the truth and into the sights of someone determined to exact a revenge long overdue From the Hardcover edition

About the Author: Charles Todd

Charles Todd is the pen name used by the mother and son writing team, Caroline Todd and Charles Todd Together they write the Ian Rutledge and Bess Crawford Series They have published two standalone mystery novels and many short stories.

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    This was my first Charles Todd book I d gone to a local bookstore in search of the first book in either of Todd s two series, but this was all I could find , and I have a bit of a mental split in what I thought of this book.On the one hand, I found it really enjoyable to read nicely paced plotting, crisp writing, and pretty gripping as I struggled to figure out the truth behind all the secrets exposed by Frances Hatton s death I also

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    THE MURDER STONE Gothic Suspense ExCharles Todd StandaloneBantam, 2003 HardcoverTheir grandfather, Francis Hatton, raised Francesca Hatton and her four male cousins, all orphaned at an early age Each of the cousins has been killed in the Great War, and now Francisca is alone to grieve the death of her beloved grandfather, whom she thought she knew But at the reading of his will, she reads a letter cursing him and his heirs, she inherit

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    This book might have been better had it beenfocused and less convoluted There is a lot of authorly how many plot devices can I shoehorn into this thing The plot s of this novel doesn t really hold together into an integrated whole The book rambled on far too long Most of the inserts by the cousins were irrelevant the shooter episodes didn t really further the plot and the entire shooter subplot could have been eliminated without any dama

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    I am quite enthusiastic concerning this excellent thriller, at a rather slow pace, where a young woman must deal with people trying to smear the reputation of her beloved grandfather who died shortly after the loss of his five grandsons, who all died in the first world war, the cousins of francesca hatton like in many families there were many things untold, secrets to be revealed and I liked the way that bereft young woman fought to clear

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    What a strange book Set in WWI, Francesca Hatton annoyingly called Cesca by her family is responsible for handling her dear grandfather s affairs upon his death from illness Francesca is the last Hatton her grandfather had raised her and her five male cousins after the respective deaths of their parents, but all five cousins were killed in the war Francesca adored her grandfather and her happy childhood however, when various family secrets e

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    I picked up this book thinking it was next in one of my favorite series, the Ian Rutledge mysteries I was surprised, but pleased, to find it a very well done stand alone,a gothic than a mystery, set in Todd s era of expertise, WWI As in the mysteries, the time and place, rural England during and immediately after the Great War, is beautifully evoked Todd s command of the speech, manners and customs of the period is so pitch perfect, I could be

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    If you re in the mood for a really really good mystery I recommend this Charles Todd stand alone novel Known for his Ian Rutledge and Bess Crawford series he has not stepped out of that era WWI but it is peripheral to the story Francesca Hatton has been brought up by her grandfather and her five cousins After her cousins die in the war her grandfather has a stroke and she comes from London to be with him After he dies a strange and angry althoug

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    With the sixth, A Fearless Doubt , Ian Rutledge book one that was an unresolved mess to me , I promised myself I d try oneThis seventh work by Charles Todd is a stand alone book in which Ian Rutledge doesn t make an appearance Sadly, this is the kind of book authors seem to throw out to unsuspecting readers, perhaps because of a looming deadline This isn t a terrible book, it s just that this genre gothic romance has been done and done, most notab

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    I am a big fan of the Charles Todd authored Ian Rutledge series, set in the years immediately after WWI in England I was disappointed in this stand alone book, which is set during the last years of the war itself I compulsively finished it but I didn t feel like the mystery was logical, nor did I feel like I understood the characters I didn t have the feeling oh, yes, of course, that s how it all must have happened at the end of the book, with the s

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This is very different from the other Charles Todd books that I have read The beginning of the book includes a list of the characters, a quaint but useful feature There are a lot of characters.It is not as well written as Todd s other mysteries When I finished the book I had not marked any passages that I particularly liked which I usually do in Todd s books.I didn t reall

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