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Mountain to Mountain: A Journey of Adventure and Activism for the Women of Afghanistan Being Inspired To Act Can Take Many Forms For Some It S Taking A Weekend To Volunteer, But For Shannon Galpin, It Meant Leaving Her Career, Selling Her House, Launching A Nonprofit And Committing Her Life To Advancing Education And Opportunity For Women And Girls Focusing On The War Torn Country Of Afghanistan, Galpin And Her Organization, MountainMountain, Have Touched The Lives Of Hundreds Of Men, Women And Children As If Launching A Nonprofit Wasn T Enough, In Galpin Became The First Woman To Ride A Mountain Bike In Afghanistan Now She S Using That Initial Bike Ride To Gain Awareness Around The Country, Encouraging People To Use Their Bikes As A Vehicle For Social Change And Justice To Support A Country Where Women Don T Have The Right To Ride A Bike In Mountain To Mountain, Her Lyric And Honest Memoir, Galpin Describes Her First Forays Into Fundraising, Her Deep Desire To Help Women And Girls Halfway Across The World, Her Love For Adventure And Sports, And Her Own Inspiration To Be So Much Than Just Another Rape Victim During Her Numerous Trips To Afghanistan, Shannon Reaches Out To Politicians And Journalists As Well As Everyday Afghans Teachers, Prison Inmates, Mothers, Daughters To Cross A Cultural Divide And Find Common Ground She Narrates Harrowing Encounters, Exhilarating Bike Rides, Humorous Episodes, And The Heartbreak Inherent In A Country That Is Still Recovering From Decades Of War And Occupation

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    I like how rich in detailed this book is about Afghanistan I love reading cross cultural books and memoirs, this was a book I enjoyed from beginning to end The writer Shannon shows a different insight into the lives of Afghanistan and Afghan women I honestly had not heard of women in Afghanistan bike riding especially wearing a burka The concept of this m

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    I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads I had mixed feelings about this book at first It started off exciting and then got real slow But as the story progresses you start to see that each part of the story intertwines to a climax that weaves the whole story together This book is rich in detail painting Afghanistan not only in images the medi

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    Shannon s story was a refreshing change in perspective Her vantage point t as an other , a woman bit a foreigner allowed her access to a viewpoint of the Middle East few get to see Throw in a bike, schools, and women s rights and you have an inspiring memoir.

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    I finished the book only because I wanted to knowabout the Afghans and their daily life from the author s point of view, but I didn t like the level of details she used to describe everything, I found it boring and sometimes distracting.Also I didn t like the order of the chapters, expected a book about Afghanistan and got only half of the book about the Afghanistan exp

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    Shannon Galpin is an activist, mountain biker and founder of the non profit organization Mountain2Mountain This book is her story of the journey she has taken since deciding to visit Afghanistan in the mid 2000 s She has broken down barriers by using her bike to travel across a lot of war torn Afghanistan visiting women s prisons, speaking to politicians, schools and eventua

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    Shannon tells about the struggles women experience yet others feel to embarrassed to talk about Opening up about the difficult times could help empower many I hope men also read this book to realize how much women are demoralized and belittles To not be able to ride a bike because of the act of straddling something is ridiculous yet very real in Afghanistan I too have visited sev

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    I won a copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads This was a heartfelt story of the author s personal tragedy and how it led her to want to help change the injustices that women of Afghanistan face Overall, I felt the booked jumped around a bit in a way that could make it hard to follow at times, but it all comes together when sticking it through to the end I appreciated her ver

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    Quite the powerful message Can t believe all Shannon sacrificed for her cause A very emotional growing experience.The freedoms we take for granted in America can make it difficult to understand how other cultures treat women Where riding a bike is unacceptable I like the message that we have to look at the strength of the Afghanistan women and not as victims.

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    a little misleading, not so much about the bike young mom goes to Afghanistan to help, in her own way unfortunately I didn t really like her probably biased cuz I didn t like her leaving her young child to go do her own thing she has an inspiring story but I mof a rule follower and she is not, not sure if she s altruistic or just selfish.

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    The story of Shannon Galpin s own personal growth was truly the most predominate story in this book There were many times that the anecdotes of loose bowels or head scarf problems overshadowed what she was accomplishing in her trips to Afghanistan A co author could have helped her better focus her storyline.

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