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Carbonel, the Prince of Cats This is the story of a cat, a broomstick and an ordinary schoolgirl called Rosemary She bought them both in the market, quite cheaply Of course, neither the cat nor the broomstick were just what they seemed, and they turned up just when Rosemary badly needed something nice to happen to her A good cat is apt to be independent, so she did not have things all her own way, and as Carbonel proved to be a Royal cat in a very special sense, that was understandable Between the cat and the broomstick, Rosemary picked up some useful spells and magic, and the adventures they brought about turned a dull looking holiday into one long to be remembered for its unexpected excitements and rewards

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    Have you ever loved a book and its characters, been happy when their fortunes are good, and worried on their behalf when things are not going so well, been engrossed in their adventures, and delighted by the lively wit of the author only to have everything destroyed by a careless, jarring ending This is such a book.Carbonel the King

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    4.5 stars We loved this story of Rosemary, who hopes to buy a broom to help her mother earn money by cleaning over the summer holidays, and accidentally comes away with a witches broom and Carbonel, the King of the Cats There was some wonderful humour from Carbonel, who s voice we could hear when the broom was held This was fun for a

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    Well, don t let them see you Really, Rosemary, you have no ingenuity A number of rather angry replies came into Rosemary s mind at this, but she remembered Napoleon and Charles the Second and swallowed the retorts that came to her lips.The king of the cats was stolen from his great inheritance by a vain and greedy witch Enslaved to he

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    I remember this from primary school, junior section so I was about 9 10 the edition above says 2005, but it s close to what I remember would have been 1980 It was so good stuck in my head Must read.

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    Although I gave this a 4 at the time it should probably be lower, as I just read the sequel without remembering this book or the characters in the least.

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    This was a favorite book from my childhood, and it s still excellent 40 years later I just ordered it for my own daughter, who just loves cats We have three Even though she s 15, she still loved reading Carbonel The King of Cats I m so pleased that it s back in print Some children s books are so good that you don t have to be young to en

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    From the 1930s to the 1960s, roughly speaking, there was a golden era of children s literature Many of the authors were British E Nesbit, Arthur Ransome, C S Lewis, J R R Tolkien, Mervyn Peake, and so manyand some were American Madeleine L engle Barbara Sleigh belongs to this era, and her Carbonel series is a wonderful trilogy of books ab

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    Long before Harry Potter, the Carbonel series captured that same British magical whimsy Carbonel and its sequel were among my favorite books at the library when I was about 9 12 Imagine my delight when this book, originally published in 1955, was re released followed by two sequels I didn t even know it was a trilogy I completed my set, an

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    This was a raving good time I loved all of the characters, and it is consistently funny, well written, and action packed I love the way she phrases things, and I also love the way she writes dialog Every character has a unique voice, and most have a funny way of saying things I m so glad this is only the first in a series of 3 novels, becau

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    Very nice ordinary magic story, but it seemed a little too long There was the curious idea of not describing things by saying, I m not going to describe this food just think of the most wonderful meal you can imagine Quite the opposite of Elizabeth Goudge in

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