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Mother Lode (Book 1) My Mother Lode is a rich find, not of gold or silver It s , miles long beginning at sweltering Barstow in the California desert, to chilly Toronto in Canada A bottomless, skinny vein, rich in shallow opinion, rules, skepticism, deceit, deception, criticism, hypocrisy, prejudices, and outright liesThis is my story

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    When I finished this book I resolved to declare that there are rarely any John David Lionel Brooke types of individuals you will come across if even alloted 2 lifetimes I say this in a positive sense as this is a man that refused to die inside like so many that suffer repeated abuse Unwanted by his mother at bi

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    Money is the root of all evilThe impression I got from reading this book reinforces the belief that money cannot buy happiness this is so true in John s case Born in to a wealthy family and yet to experience so much misery and hate This man s whole existence as a child is unbelievable and to think that any person c

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    This is a tale of severe child abuse that will stand your hair on end as you read the torments John suffered as an unwanted child from birth As the book unfolds you really can visualize the scenes as if you were seated in a theatre with front row seats.This amazing author shares his life of sadness and loneliness fight

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About the Author: John David Lionel Brooke

Observations by an old fart, wallowing in a life well spent, swinging solo in a hammock, on a sugar white beach on the Sea of Cortez, in Baja California Sur, Mexico Listening to the sounds of surf and sea breezes lasciviously fingering the surrounding high, shimmering palm fonds, inspired John to become a writer He writes revealing, informal and form poetry about nature, and and his fellow humans, through the sharp penetrating lens of his life John creates insightful literary fiction genres romantic love, and adventure novels, piercing biographical works and memoirs, humorous short stories and flash fiction including drabbles Articles in newspapers and comments on social networks John David Lionel Brooke lives a simple, happy life, scribbling by the Sea of Cortez, in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

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