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The Sissy Academy I don t understand 5 star rating, and good reviews here This story about a sissy academy training males by force has been written numerous times, and some greatly This one is completely garbage Only first few page are written properly, then everything starts running, giving descriptive details of the scenarios that could have been greatly erotic scenes It feelslike an outline of a very good story, which as standalone story is greatly disappointing. Sexist reporter Drake Smith tried to steal the scoop of a lifetime from fellow reporter Ashley Jordan According to a tip, a local school was connected with the disappearances of various prominent men Drake enrolled himself in the school and soon discovers the awful truth these men have been turned into feminized submissives, and Drake is about to get the same treatment Now Drake needs Ashley s help to escape, but will she give it The Sissy Academy is a tale of erotic punishment where a sexist reporter learns a hard lesson when he tries to cheat a female reporter out of a story that was rightly hers, WordsFor Adult Audiences OnlyStory includes female domination, forced feminization, spanking, pegging, observed masturbation, humiliation, and

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