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The Corners of the Globe Fool me once so the first book was good enough that the surpise at the end about the mystery extending to the next book was acceptable About a third of the way into this next book however, I started to wonder about the pacing and meandering strands so I flipped to the end and lo and behold Continued appeared there so not fooling me twice I did not finish it To be fair, if this period is a favourite and the politics is of interest, the level of detail that extends a fairly good mystery story into a third volume could be right up your alley The writing is good and the main character is charismatic but, for me, A thoroughly enjoyable second part to the story With the end of part 2, I can only be thankful that I also have book 3 on hand to commence reading. The second installment of Robert Goddard s worldwide trilogy, THE CORNERS OF THE GLOBE is a first rate sequel to THE WAYS OF THE WORLD The main character James Maxted, better known as Max continues his quest to discredit the idea that his father, Sir Henry, a British diplomat attached to the English delegation at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 had committed suicide To avoid rehashing the details of the events surrounding the death of Sir Henry, the machinations that ensued involving a number of foreign secret services, and the impact of events on the peace talks, Goddard provides a handy memo written by Henry Appleby, a member of the British Secret Service that summarizes events in his missive to C, the individual in charge of English intelligence, dated 27 April 1919 see pp 31 36 The memo allows those readers who have not read THE WAYS OF THE WORLD to gain somewhat of an understanding of why the story line proceeds as it does, though it is a bit confusing at the outset.The narrative continues as Max arrives crossing over from Scotland and landing at Kirkwall Bay which at the time is overrun by American mine sweepers trying to clear the vast body of water from mines laid during the Great War Max, who is now in the service of British intelligence, also posing as an agent of the German spy master, Fritz Lemmer, who he suspects was responsible for the death of his father, is to inspect a German warship that has bee I was delighted to receive this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I m a huge fan of Robert Goddard, in fact I have a shelf dedicated to his books so I did a little dance of joy around the kitchen when I was approved This was short lasted, however, as I found the book hard to get into i m not sure if it was the political nature of the story or the myriad of characters that I found hard to keep up with but this book wasn t easy to read and I had to keep going back to find out what was happening At one point I began to wonder if it had been written by someone else entirely It has been a while since I last read one of his books so it cou Corners of the Globe is the page turning continuation of Robert Goddard s Wide World Trilogy We chase James Max Maxted around Northern Europe in the weeks before the post war peace conference Its hard to know who to trust in this thriller Although we want to like Max s supporting cast of c I read the first part of the three part trilogy and enjoyed it But this second book has too many characters and too many plot lines The first half of the book finds Max and the people trailing him on train after train in Scotland and parts of England Then there s Paris, where most of the action takes place I m not a fan of books that end with a cliffhanger and you re forced to read the next installment to find out what happens, and this one has a doozy Max is about to There are parts of The Corners of the Globe which are good and parts which trundle along in a very samey sort of way It has several POVs which can get confusing, as by the time you re back round to an earlier POV, so much has happened in between with the others, you ve forgotten what happened last time There is a large cast of characters, some with similar foreign unfamiliar names which doesn t help, either This to me, is a bit like an author who has the option of many different ways that his plot could go and instead of cutting to make a good, tight, fast paced thriller, decides instead to include everything and spread it over 3 books.It s not that it s badly written it s fine but does it stand out as one of Goddard s best well plotted, intriguing, surprise a minute stories by an author with a reputation as the master of the double twist Nah Nowhere near.This is the second story in the James Maxted trilogy I have issues with the word trilogy in this case, because usually one can expect each book in a trilogy to be concluded in its own right Yet in this instance, that s not the case It s like someone has sneaked up to your bedroom, taken the book off your bedside table which you re half way through reading and torn out the l Spring, 1919 James Max Maxted, Former Great War Flying Ace, Returns To The Trail Of Murder, Treachery And Half Buried Secrets He Set Out On In The Ways Of The World He Left Paris After Avenging The Murder Of His Father, Sir Henry Maxted, A Senior Member Of The British Delegation To The Post War Peace Conference But He Was Convinced There Was Much To Be Discovered About What Sir Henry Had Been Trying To Accomplish And He Suspected Elusive German Spymaster Fritz Lemmer Knew The Truth Of It.Now, Enlisted Under False Colours In Lemmer S Service But With His Loyalty Pledged To The British Secret Service, Max Sets Out On His First And Possibly Last Mission For Lemmer It Takes Him To The Far North Of Scotland To The Orkney Isles, Where The German High Seas Fleet Has Been Impounded In Scapa Flow, Its Fate To Be Decided At The Conference Table In Paris Max Has Been Sent To Recover A Document Held Aboard One Of The German Ships What That Document Contains Forces Him To Break Cover Sooner Than He Would Have Wished And To Embark On A Desperate Race South, Towards London, With Information That Could Destroy Lemmer If Max, As Seems Unlikely, Lives To Deliver It Having recently read The Ways of the World by Robert Goddard I was so angry that the book ended mid story, I didn t plan to continue However I received The Corners of the Globe book 2 in the mail and I decided to give it a go I started reading and got a few chapters in before I remember the rage I had for the first one I didn t want to go through that again, so I flipped to the end of the book There it was, the words To be concluded , and I abandoned the book on the spot.Maybe I will read the book agai I don t mind reading trilogies as long as there is a good reason for spreading a story over three books but I didn t feel that this book was anything than padding Although I will read the final book in due course I hate giving up , I ve got to the point where I m not sure I care whether Max ever finds out who murdered his father or why Despite the glamour of having been a WW1 flye

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