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His To Claim One girl only ever brought Wealthy, Confident and Handsome Scot, Trevor McBain to his knees And she hates him to his gutsOr does she A night of passion and desire turned every dream Elaine Parker ever had of love and happiness with Trevor McBain into a fest of gory humiliation Her pride saved her then But now, her one mistake, one weak moment has threatened to betray her utterly Bare her soul to him at a touch of his fire The pleasures of heaven his mouth promised are melting her resolve Forcing her to trust her heart in the hands of her destroyer once again

About the Author: Sierra Jaid

Author Sierra Jaid loves to tell stories that have power to wrench the heart of its readers Romance that is potent as the torrent sea and gentle as a drifting plume.Her characters come alive with every word to make you laugh and cry along Love, desire and passion are the essence of her writing The simplest things in her life can make her happy rain, flowers, crisp pages of a new book, her favourite food, and chocolate the , the better.

10 thoughts on “His To Claim

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    This was a wonderful read The H was so utterly obsessed with the h He was very possessive and a complete CAVEMAN I loved Damian and can t wait to read his story This is an author I will be following from now on.

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    Glad I won an arc copy of this book I enjoyed the characters development and story line I do feel the end was a little rushed A very enjoyable read I look forward to the next one

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    DNF..From the very beginning I just could not get into it.

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    Put DOWN the thesaurus.

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    The writing was differenti think it was the actual structure of the sentences that was weird I liked the idea of the storycaveman H and strong ish h.some things i could have done withoutex the fact that she caught him with his brothers gf.yes, it happened years before, b

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    I like the concept, devious alpha hero virgin heroine misunderstanding, but the excution was flawed Often I was confused about the timeline The plotting structure needs huge improvement I almost gave up reading due to that but I liked the concept so I continued.The excerpt from t

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    I felt like this story started in the middle of a book and I wasn t sure what was happening I couldn t really get a feel for the characters either Even though I really like the premise of the story, I just couldn t get in to it like I wanted.

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    This could have been a great story but I will never know if it was because the writing was so bad that it put me off getting past 20% of the book The sentence structures was really weird and the awful way the H s Scottish accent was written really got on my nerves.

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    It was quite confusing didn t feel connected to the story or even the characters.The hero is alpha so I guess thats a big plus for me.3 stars

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    It was a short read which was ok but the jumping between places and times was a little confusing.

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