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Dockside (Lakeshore Chronicles, #3) It is official, I have fallen in love with this series What I have discovered about this series is that these books are about the have s and the have not s The have s seem like they have it all.money, society class, and family, while the have not s seem to struggle for the things that money can buy, but they have lots of love But all is not what it seems, the have s seem to be slowly finding out that money and the status will not get you what you need The other thing that these books are about is second chances, how most often in life doing what others expect you to do is not what is going to be what makes you happy A three year age difference doesn t seem like it would be too much for a relationship, but when the ages are 15 an 18, those 3 years are so far apart, in fact there is a very good term for it, jailbait Greg immediately feels the attraction to Nina, but when he learns her age, he very quickly backs off They seem to keep running into each other when they are at their worse, the attraction still strong Fast forward a great many years and we run into these 2 again Life has become interesting for them, Nina is just hitting the empty next stage of her life, after giving birth at 15, while Greg is coming off a divorce to a marriage that sh Here s the thing with this book I liked it quite well right up until the climax It had interesting characters, unexpected twists, and a compelling plot But here s how the climax runs, when the hero and heroine finally get together slightly paraphrased He shows up at her house unexpectedly They talk about a few things, and at the end he says, Come on, Nina, what do you say Is it a date Everything about this is wrong, she blurted out He stared at her You re right You re absolutely right He slammed back the beer and stood up Glad we cleared that up about Max Thanks for the beer See you around He left She sat there stunned She cried, but not the good kind Then he called, saying, I forgot the most basic rule of dating Don t show up unannounced I was wondering if you d like to go out with me She says notice how clear she is , No I m not going anywhere with you, Greg But, um, thank you Bye, Greg Did you notice how the woman said no Said it clearly Even though we hear her inner and confused about Greg dialogue, what she said to the man was, without ambiguity, No But here s what happens, quoted exactly When she heard the heavy footsteps on the deck outside her door, she froze, too surprised to do anything but stand there as Greg returned to her He didn t bother knocking but wrenched open the door and strode inside How Rhett Butler of him, she thought And although she found her voice, the words that came out were totally inane I thought you had a new rule about unanno Third in the Lakeshore Chronicles, this story focuses on Nina Roman0, formerly her mother s helped when she worked as a cook at Camp Kioga, and Greg Bellamy, youngest of the four Bellamy trust fund kids Their history is something he doesn t hint he recalls, but Nina can t help remembering All the reason she is furious when he buys the Inn out from under her It had been her dream forever Now, with the flick of a banker s foreclosure document, he s the owner and wants her to manage it Can she Of course Will she That s one question she has difficulty answering.What follows is a relationship built on the swaying tenterhooks of past recollections, the complications of her single mother status and his newly divorced angst and worry about his pregnant daughter like Nina, too young and son, Max, whose anger at the world seems to know no bounds How they manage until the day of Olivia s wedding There was so much mess in this book I don t even know how to unpack it I finally DNFed it at page 120 because I could not deal with the rising and falling of my blood pressure This is book 3 in the Lakeshore Chronicles series I grabbed it at the library because I previously had read a book by Wiggs before The Apple Orchard that didn t work for me at every level, but I still wanted to try another book of hers This book started out with an interesting premise that went all to hell the further I read.Told in the third person we have the heroine Nina Romano and hero Greg Bellamy who both now live at Willow Lake We find out that Nina was born and raised in Willow Lake Greg it seems was from out of town and visited randomly during the summers when he was a teenager Nina has plans to buy the Inn at Willow Lake and is surprised to return home from vacation to find out that the bank sold it to Greg Bellamy along with her contract to manage the place That was the first time my blood pressure rose I deal with people misreading contracts and grant agreements all of the time You can t as a bank sell a contract to someone when someone else had a different agreement in place And you sure as heck can t sell pa Single mom Nina Romano and newly divorced dad Greg Bellamy finally connect and fall in love after years of dancing around each other in this contemporary romance set in this Lakeshore Chronicles novel.Part family saga, part romancethis is an ongoing series of ta I felt that this was about Greg Bellamy his daughter Daisy and son Max then about Nina and Greg or the Inn at Willow Lake Nina and Greg as a couple felt like of a filler story As far as Daisy and Max go I think Max is of a brat then Daisy and I pretty much think that Greg Bellamy is Author Susan WiggsFirst published 2007Read in Susan Wiggs Lakeshore Chronicles Series Books 1 3Length 5987 kindle locationsSetting Contemporary Avalon, New York Sex With the blinds drawn.Hero Architect Landscape Gardner Now owner of inn.Heroine Former mayor now inn manager.Note Teenage pregnancy.An odd coupling the uncle of the Heroine in book 1 Olivia and her friend, Nina But Nina was a teenage single mum 15ish and Greg is only a few years older, married young but now divorced, so it does work.There are some issues with the forced situation and the subsequent romance but it works overall.2.5 stars rounded down It s okay.Lakeside Chronicles Book 1 Summer at Willow Lake Olivia Bellamy and Connor DavisBook 2 The Winter Lodge Jenny Majesky and Rourke McKnightBook 3 Dockside Nina Romano and Greg BellamyBook 4 Snowfall at Willow Lake Sophie Bellamy and Noah ShepherdBook 4.5 Homecoming Season in More than This third book of the Lakeshore Chronicles tells a complete story and could stand alone I read the series out of order and not all of it and it is confusing that way.I didn t think the story was that interesting There is a good character study of Nina who has a child with no husband and learns to live a life without the love of a man Then she struggles to overcome the independence she has built up over 17 years or so while raising the daughter, Sonnet Nina is a strong, competent, and yes independent woman This character study shows that there are some gaps in her life that result in some weaknesses she never wanted to face.Like Nina, the Greg I knew from later books is likable than this Greg Perhaps that is fair since there is growth in him between here and there I didn t care for this Greg all that much because of some things he does in this book.I had trouble reconciling the Sophie of this book with the Sophie in her own story, the next book If I hadn t read her story first, I would not have read it at all after reading this one In this book she is described as an Ice Queen and in her own story she is much than that.Perhaps because I read the stories of these characters so badly out of order, it made it so much obvious to me how much SW develops these characters over the course of them.Mature themes there is consensual sex which isn With Her Daughter Grown And Flown, Nina Romano Is Ready To Embark On A New Adventure She S Waited A Long Time For Dating, Travel And Chasing Dreams But Just As She S Beginning To Enjoy Being On Her Own, She Finds Herself Falling For Greg Bellamy, Owner Of The Charming Inn At Willow Lake And A Single Father With Two Kids Of His Own.Greg Lost His First Marriage To A Demanding Career Now He S Determined To Make A New Start Before It S Too Late Juggling Work, Raising His Young Son And Helping His Nearly Grown Daughter Face Life S Ultimate Challenge, He Has No Time To Fall In Love Still, With Nina Romano, Love Feels Just Right This Time Around. Predictable story, but enjoyable nonetheless A nice, easy and pleasurable weekend read

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