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Biggles Learns to Fly SPECIAL MISSION It s the First World War and Biggles is justThe planes are primitive combat tactics are non existent the only form of communication for pilots and their gunners is by hand signals They are reliant on the skill of their fellow crew, their wit and, above all else, braveryIn hostile enemy skies, where instinct and fast reactions are everything, Biggles must learn to be a real fighter pilot, or diebut does he have what it takes

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    I m not completely sure, but I think this is the one with the fatal love story I read it when I was about 8, and I had never read a fatal love story before It made a lasting impression on me.So Biggles, who s in his late teens, is a dashing WW I fighter pilot in France, and one day he makes a forced landing at this little French farm My mag stopp

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    does a happy little squeal Does anyone have this same problemyou find a WW1 or WW2 book not Christian that looks interesting and hope, hope, hope that it isn t full of language Then you go home and the first several pages are full of swear word after swear word I ve done this much too often So when I found several Biggles books at the charity shop

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    Johns was one of those British men of a certain era with a biography that sounds that it can t possibly be true, featuringheroics, odd incidents, narrow escapes, and prolific writing than one would expect from any twelve reasonably adventurous people He was a fighter pilot in WWI, where he had a number of exciting incidents, including accidentally

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    James Bigglesworth aged seventeen joined the army in 1916 and got posted to the as yet unnamed Royal Flying Corps He was a Second Lieutenant and after nine hours of solo flying he was sent to the Front in France The biplanes were extremely new to war and had been used first for observation, then machine guns and bomb racks were fitted Triplanes know

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    While Biggles is a classic of its time, I m not sure it would fly with today s youth.The most obvious issue would be the Hun and other derogatory terms for our current German allies However the Wilko, Old Man lingo also seems a far cry from common parlance now I daresay it s a little amusing to my young ears.However what certainly isn t quaint is the

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    Even though this could be categorised as a ripping yarn for boys, I think it is actually worthy to be viewed as a document of history because the author flew planes in the First World War and drew on his own experiences He doesn t shy from telling it like it was, and although his character Biggles doesn t go in for lengthy and deep reflection there ar

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    Biggles got off to a shaky start, but I was relieved to find that not only did he learn to fly but he also avoided getting killed, which is probably just as well.The book still reads well after a forty or so year gap since I last read it Drama and excitement, tick Horrors of war, tick The occasional lyrical description of flying, likewise tick.

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    As an avid buff of all things aviation since being a young boy, I can t for the life of me work out why I ve just read a Biggles book for the first time Amazing I would have loved it 30 years ago and I loved it now Full of excitement I have bought a boxed set of numerous Biggles books so can t wait to continue with reading the next instalment

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    Decided on a change of pace and thought this was probably a good choice for a first Biggles book, given the whole learns to fly thing Very much a product of the Boy s Own get the hun mentality, and doesn t need a lot of intellectual engagement, but enjoyable.

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    Although Biggles may be reknowned as for children , this is actually pretty well written, historically accurate and perfectly grown up in most of the vocabulary used Johns writes with enthusiasm and clearly knows his subject very well indeed This book is set in 1916 17 although written in the 1930s, set mostly in Northern France and readslike a set of 16

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