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The Playboy of Puerto Banús Rich, famous and notorious Ra l Sanchez Fuente scores three out of three When she agreed to help out a friend, Estelle Connolly didn t expect to end up as an escort to a society wedding, or to catch the eye of the most powerful man in the room Innocent Estelle struggles to retain her sophisticated cover especially when Ra l makes her an outrageous offer the money to settle her family problems in exchange for a few months of her time as Mrs Sanchez The contract has been signed, the Spanish honeymoon arranged, but there isn t a clause to cover all consequences of the wedding night

About the Author: Carol Marinelli

Carol Marinelli was born in England to Scottish parents, then emigrated to Australia, where there are loads of Scottish and English people who did exactly the same, so she s very at home there.She lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne pretty much in her car, driving her three children to their various commitments.Carol writes for the Harlequin Presents and Medical lines and she also writes contemporary women s fiction with a dark twist.When she s not writing she s reading, when she s not reading she s writing.

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    Sweet story story about a virgin escort and a notorious playboy Raul meets Estelle as an escort to a society wedding She is there to accompany a politician twice her age and it is there she meets Raul He is attracted to Estelle and makes her an offer she can t ref

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    Thee was aspects that were interesting but I hate when heroine s virginity is her ticket to decent treatment She had no reason to be a 25 year old virginhad no morality, was willing to prostitute herself sexually for money, albeit for a good cause Hero was a bad person,

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    Surprisingly good story with an awful but accurate title The hero is a playboy his smokescreen for eschewing all intimacy Why His early trauma for one view spoiler He was trapped overnight with his dead, suicidal mother when she drove her car over a cliff She was suicidal becau

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    Okay, I m going to admit something at the risk of being thought of as the silliest woman on the planet This title has sat on my Kindle shelf for about three months, and I thought the title of the book was The Pirate of Puerto Banus Every time I saw it on the shelf, I read this as the

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    This author is a hit miss with me and this was a definite hit Enjoyed this story about the playboy and the virgin escort.It was instant attraction at a society wedding when this couple met at a wedding in Scotland.She was there as a favor to her housemate who was the regular escort to an old

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    Self note Read Becky s 1 star review of The Playboy of Puerto Ban s by Carol Marinellihttps review show Self note Read Becky s 1 star review of The Playboy of Puerto Ban s by Carol Marinellihttps review show

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    It was okay but it seems to me these novels are constantly rip offs of older ones, which are worse than the old ones Ugh, I miss Penny Jordan, she always had something new that had me falling in love.

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    I am enjoying this author s work I really liked this one I felt the hero was different enough while still being the same alpha HP hero I like He really earned his playboy label He hid behind the playboy thing She was sweet and caring and just what he needed.

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    My Harlequin Presents reading has dwindled over the years and I only read one from time to time I picked this one up based on reviews from my goodreads friends, Jenny and Vashti and I m glad that I did It was a nice leap back into the HP world Sweet heroine, playboy hero but one who isn t a total jerk and actually can

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    Could not finish Made it to the halfway point view spoiler The heroine I did not like her First she deceived the hero about being an escort then she got upset when the hero treated as an escort It really annoyed me when she slapped the hero If a hero can t slap a heroine then neither should the heroine use violence because th

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