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Miracle in Bellaroo Creek Good story of second chances Milla has returned to Bellaroo Creek to recover from a marriage gone bad With the town intent on saving itself Milla decides to renovate and reopen her parents old bakery It s going to be a lot of work but she s really excited about it When her brother in law arrives to deliver some bad news he s surprised by Milla s plans He thinks she s making a mistake but can t help staying for awhile to help her Pretty soon he has a lot than help on his mind.Milla had left home dreaming of a bigger life to live After several years of moving around and working in the hotel industry, she met Ed She was attracted to him but thanks to a past event his intensity scared her off She ended up meeting and marrying his brother who was an immature cheating womanizer She left him and returned home to decide what to do next Finding out about the revitalization efforts was the answer to a prayer and she threw herself into the bakery When Ed showed up she was upset by his news but had no intention of returning to the US I loved the way that Milla took charge of her future Having grown up working in the bakery she knew she could run it She let Ed know that this was her dream and he had no say in it She wasn t going to let him talk her out of it With him staying around for a few days she began to realize that the attraction she had felt for him hadn t gone away She was also certain there was no future in it so she resisted I loved her confusion when he kept coming back since she couldn t figure out why I liked seeing the way that they were able to talk about things and come to understand each other s lives I loved the way that Milla worried about Ed s decision at the end, the way he had worried about hers at the beginning.Ed was a really nice guy at heart He was running the family business when he went to see Milla and try to convince her to come back He had fallen for her when he first met her but hadn t pursued her when his brother cut in He especially regretted it when he discovered how bad their marriage was When he found her in Bellaroo Creek he thought she was crazy for trying to start the bakery back up and tried to convince her to give up When he couldn t he found himself doing everything he could to help her I loved seeing the way he constantly found himself thinking about her and how he started to reevaluate his own life I loved his solution and how everything worked out for them. Ti desidero.A qualsiasi condizione prosegu Ed Tu sei nata qui e, se qui che vuoi stare, io voglio stare al tuo fianco, Milla A quel punto lei non riusc pi a ricacciare le lacrime I soldi non fanno la felicit e a volte per ritrovare se stessi bisogna tornare alle origini lo sa bene Milla, che fugge dal mondo del jet set e da un marito fedifrago per tornare nel paesino in cui nata e riaprire la vecchia panetteria di famigliama non prevedeva certo di essere raggiunta dal cognato Ed XD Fin dalla prima volta che si videro tra i due scocc la scintilla ma Milla, spaventata dalla forza di quell attrazione, cerc rifugio correndo tra le braccia del fratello pi giovane e spensierato, cosa che poi si rivel un grande errore D Ora per i due hanno un altra occasione, e forse stavolta l a riuscir a comare ogni paura e distanza tra pane, ristrutturazioni e viaggi oltreoceano XD I don t typically read straight Harlequin Romances The crazy of the Presents line is to my taste but they had a bunch at the small local library so what are you gonna do Plus I needed something mindless after the maudlin A Dog s Purpose.This was a sweet romance between two people who were meant for each other but who had let each other slip away 5 years before I loved the rationale for her mistake I think it made a lot of sense Not real sure about his rationale but overall it worked.Well written and interesting. It pains me to say I found this was a 3.5 as this is my favorite author and I absolutely loved the first story but I just didn t enjoy it as much Still enjoyable but not as much as I hoped I would. Miniseries Bellaroo Creek Category Home and Family This is the continuation in The Bellaroo Creek series and it is really good I am loving the small outback town and the characters that live there Milla left her home town Bellaroo Creek as soon as she was able and travelled around the world working hard she met and married an American but sadly it did not work out but she was introduced to her husband by his older brother Ed and when Milla returns to Australia and her home town Ed finds her and they find their true love, this one will keep you turning the pages. O One small town Whoever said a broken heart was the end of the world had never met Milla Brady In desperate need of a distraction, she sets her sights on reviving her parents bakery But when a tall, handsome blast from the past turns up, Milla s calm feathers are distinctly ruffled One big miracle Ed Cavanaugh could only watch when his brother walked all over Milla s dreams he always knew she deserved better So, seeing her looking beautiful and content, he promises not to leave Bellaroo Creek until he tells her what he wanted to say all those years ago. Love it but could be better. I always enjoy Australian set stories.

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