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Secrecy It is Florence,The Renaissance is long gone, and the city is a dark, repressive place, where everything is forbidden and anything is possible The Enlightenment may be just around the corner, but knowledge is still the property of the few, and they guard it fiercely Art, sex and power these, as always, are the obsessionsFacing serious criminal charges, Gaetano Zummo is forced to flee his native Siracusa at the age of twenty, first to Palermo, then Naples, but always has the feeling that he is being pursued by his past, and that he will never be free of it Zummo works an artist in wax He is fascinated by the plague, and makes small wooden cabinets in which he places graphic, tortured models of the dead and dying But Cosimo III, Tuscany s penultimate Medici ruler, gives Zummo his most challenging commission yet, and as he tackles it his path entwines with that of the apothecary s daughter Faustina, whose secret is even explosive than hisPoignant but paranoid, sensual yet chilling, Secrecy is a novel that buzzes with intrigue and ideas It is a love story, a murder mystery, a portrait of a famous city in an age of austerity, an exercise in concealment and revelation, but above all it is a trapdoor narrative, one story dropping unexpectedly into another, the ground always slippery, uncertain

About the Author: Rupert Thomson

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Secrecy book, this is one of the most wanted Rupert Thomson author readers around the world.

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    For those that don t know there s a museum in Florence called La Specola It s devoted to works in wax and without question is the most macabre museum I ve ever visited This because many of the exhibits are graphic depictions of what disease does to the organs of the human body There are sculptures there by the protagonist of th

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    I look at this cover and go Why can t we have gifs as names of shelves I look at this cover and go Why can t we have gifs as names of shelves

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    Forced to flee his native Sicily, Gaetano Zummo journeys first to Naples, then to Palermo before being summoned to Florence at the request of Cosimo III de Medici himself The Grand Duke of Tuscany is interested in Zummo s skill as a sculptor in wax, and offers him a special commission in reward for a generous stipend However, Florence in the

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    This is a very striking book, one of the best novels I ve read for quite a while The last quarter or so didn t quite work so well for me, or I d have given it five stars The writing is nothing less than brilliantimpressive than Mantel s in Wolf Hall for my taste, as it s muchconcise and compressed The evocation of place and time is amazingly vivid

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    BABTBBC BLURBSome see you as a master craftsman Others say you re a sorcerer You re mysterious, obsessive Controversial Zummo a 17th century sculptor makes things out of wax, figures so lifelike they look as if they might move and breathe He has journeyed throughout Italy over the years in an attempt to flee his past Now, in 1691, he has been summoned to

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    I enjoyed and disliked this book in almost equal parts On the one hand, the language is beautiful, the characters are interesting and the setting 17th century Florence seems meticulously researched On the other hand, it has a creepiness about it which I found off putting to read, the prologue gives away twists that would be better held until the book s ending an

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    I so much wanted to like this book From the sumptuous cover with gold titling and a pregnant woman half hidden by drapes of crimson, you are prepared for a feast by the wonderful designers at Granta The wrappings far outweigh the contents.Let me say, Rupert Thomson is a good writer But good writing cannot disguise a messy meandering plot with characters who are unengag

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    Wonderful historical thriller set in 17th century Florence The novel drew me in by its fantastic sense of place and time, and then I got engrossed by the plot and the characters A very satisfying read great for book clubs, since there are a number of moral questions to discuss.

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    This book confused me a lot I wanted to DNF it at least a few times but I kept going although I didn t see any point Also, it was kind of disgusting Definitely not a book I d recommend.

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    This isn t Thomson s first foray into historical fiction see Air Fire but it was definitely a departure from his last novel, Death of a Murderer As usual, Thomson s ability to paint a vivid picture of the novel s setting is in full force Thomson s fascination with the macabre and the darker side of human psyche is once again front and center in this beautifully rendered mystery romance His

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