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A Perfect Partnership Annie McHugh should be happy She s , seriously pretty, and despite a ravenous appetite for cream cakes, is a perfect sizeWellish She also runs a detective agency with her delectable partner GerryBut Annie has a secret She longs to handle an investigation, to escape from her desk and get down and dirty with the agency detectives OK, she already gets down and dirty with Gerry but that s personal Her dream is to become an investigator All that s standing in her way are three macho detectives, and an increasingly surly bank manager who calls with irritating regularity, demanding that she get the agency account out of the red, or else

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    Josiah Jefferson is a police officer who moves to Corbin s Bend from a polygamist community hoping to find the woman of his dreams who will live a DD lifestyle Laney Paulsen is the chef at the Sushi restaurant in Corbin s Bend who lives with her cousin Ginger and husband Beau Laney is getting discouraged because whenever a single guy moves to Corbin s Bend he is snapped up

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