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Empire Made Me: An Englishman Adrift in Shanghai This is a biography of a nobody that offers a window into an otherwise closed world It is a life which manages to touch us all Empire Made MeShanghai in the wake of the First World War was one of the world s most dynamic, brutal and exciting cities an incredible panorama of nightclubs, opium dens, gambling and murder Threatened from within by communist workers and from without by Chinese warlords and Japanese troops, and governed by an ever desperate British dominated administration, Shanghai was both mesmerising and terribleInto this maelstrom stepped a tough and resourceful ex veteran Englishman to join the police It is his story, told in part through his rediscovered photo albums and letters, that Robert Bickers has uncovered in this remarkable, moving book

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    Interesting history of the city of Shanghai and of British colonial policing methods Professor Bickers does not however give ex inspector Tinkler enough credit, portraying him as something of a low level imperialist brute After leaving the police, Tinkler became head of security for a big British industrial firm With Japanese effor

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    This book is an extraordinary portrait of an English ex soldier turned policeman in Shanghai, 1919 Maurice Tinkler was a low ranking police officer whose career was not successful A violent racist, he was untenable in the early 1930s After a period as an almost homeless heavy drinker, he got a job as security officer and labour supe

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    I read this book whilst living and working in Shanghai And it does that thing that the best of non fiction does, it s almost a novel Tinkler, the figure at the centre of the narrative, is not a sympathetic character, being a racist and a bully, but he is a compelling character Some of his views, I m sorry to say, made uncomfortable r

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    So, I finally finished the book In the end, it was quite sad, even as unlikeable and racist Tinkler became What ended up getting me through was the documentation of the rising presence of Chinese agitation and how the Communist and Kuomintang fighting changed Shanghai and empire life there irrevocably It was a conscious decision of th

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    I liked this book a lot, and its one of the most unique history books I have read Ostensibly taking as its subject the life of a relatively unremarkable British policeman in Shanghai during the 1920s, the book is able to effectively discuss a wide range of issues.

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    A fascinating insight into one man s life in the turmoil of the mid 20th century that is well written and explained without dumbing anything down Its books like this that really bring history to life and shows you the wider picture when it comes to the effect the Empire had ion its own subjects as much as the Empire itself I ve always b

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