The Monstrous Sea: A Lesbian YA Short Story Collection

The Monstrous Sea: A Lesbian YA Short Story Collection THE MONSTROUS SEA is a bewitching collection of young adult short stories, ranging from science fiction and fantasy to paranormal, all featuring a lesbian heroine This collection is part of Project Unicorn, a fiction project that seeks to address the near nonexistence of lesbian main characters in young adult fiction by giving them their own storiesThis collection contains A History of Drowning Paranormal A girl with dark eyes and a strange, white dress follows Carrie over a series of small tragedies Melusine Paranormal Melusine bears an ancestral curse when water touches her, she becomes a monster that no one must ever see but when Mel risks everything to rescue a girl from drowning, the family s dark secret changes her forever No Bigger Than the Moon Horror Anne would do anything for Kylie But when Kylie s brother changes into a bloodthirsty monster, she goes too far in asking Anne for help In the Garden I Did Not Sin Dark Fantasy When Meno, the daughter of Eve, watches her mother the first woman die, she journeys back to that thing which Eve loved most, the Garden of Eden But she didn t expect to meet a stranger there Two Salt Feet Paranormal You can buy anything at the meat market even a mermaid Sam s errand for her mom takes a turn for the strange when she accidentally rescues a mermaid who would rather not end up on someone s plate Daughter of Blue Magic Realism At the urging of her friend, Leila a Wiccan casts a spell to attract love into her life A strange dream involving a being from the sea then seems to seal the spell The Mermaid Circus Magic Realism Raised in a family of career mermaids who perform underwater to crowds of mermaid believers, Annalee wants nothing than to leave the Mermaid Circus behind One afternoon on a beach with a pretty girl inspires her to go for her dreams Bluebottles Magic Realism After spending several heartbroken, landlocked months away, Ramie returns to the sea and is inspired to follow a trail of bioluminescent creatures Pearls Enough Fantasy Portia, recently orphaned, feels constrained in her older sister s house and finds herself longing for a sea change and a mermaid s kiss Breaking the Ice Fantasy Born in a frozen land, a fierce, orphaned girl is alone but not lonely until she glimpses a lovely face gazing at her from beneath the ice

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    I was one of the lucky people who knew all about Project Unicorn from the very first announcement, so color me so pleased when the announcement for book release with both books and new stories in each came out early this week I have madly adored all of Sarah and Jenn s works, all these gloriously different lesbian short stories and novels for girls of our age

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    Another of the collections of the Diemers Project Unicorn stories Most of them are available for free online, but I want to support this endeavour and all of these stories are charming in their own ways I think I liked In the Garden I Did Not Sin best of these they blur into each other a little because I devoured them in one go, but I had fun.

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    While reading this collection I felt as if I was truly entering new worlds In these worlds, monsters existed They could be either good, or evil I liked the idea that sometimes being a monster could truly be a gift even though it seemed like a curse at first My favorite story from it was Two Salt Feet as it was a really creative, and horrifying concept to sell m

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    As with all short story collections some stories shone and others fizzled a little I enjoyed it and the premise of the collection is great, but the stories themselves arent oustanding Some even feel shallow, i know they are short stories, but still skme deeper chracterisation would be nice I will probably read the others in the series, but at the same time I am

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