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A Wife in Time Susannah is an editor During a party at a book fair, she sees a portrait of a woman who is wearing the same red necklace as her Intrigued, Susannah steps closer to the painting, only to be engulfed by a mysterious light that transports heryears back in time To make matters worse, Kane Wilder, CEO of an IT company, who is convinced Susannah is his brother s mistress, accidentally travels with her

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    3.5 stars

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    3.5 4 starsI think I ve read this previously, but since I never wrote a review, and I can t find it on my shelves at Goodreads, I read it again I liked it much better this time around The only irritating grating plot point was Kane s initial treatment of Susannah He believes that she seduced his younger brother, because, you know, his bro

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    This is another Harlequin manga romance I got it since I am interested in time travel The novel is also complete in itself In addition, it s not just a time travel novel, but it s also a mystery novel.The two main characters are Kane Wilder and Susannah Hall At their first meeting Kane tells Susannah to stop trying to seduce his brother, and

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    3.5It was fun I haven t read the book, so I can not tell how accurate it is, but judging by other Harlequin comics it is very precise with the original story Time travel, bit of a romance and predictable, but still interesting plot Worth to read it once.

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    A very cute story When a historical fiction is done right, I love it This was done right, with a nice mystery twist Great Harlequin

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    3.5 stars Not too cheesy and there s a mystery

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