Red Thunder Reckoning MOBI ☆ Red Thunder PDF or

New author and a great story. Used Good Some spine creases Light shelf wear 3,5 stars. Every man has his day of reckoningWith a new face and new life, Kevin Ransom vowed never to return to that small Texas town where an impulse of anger had destroyed his body and soul But then, he never dreamed that his actions that day on the Red Thunder River had led a madman to keep the woman he loved in a drugged state, trapped as a prisoner in her body foryears Kevin had caused Ellen Paxton enough pain, but for her sake he had to go back to make things right, especially when he found out that she and her horse ranch were in grave danger He would keep his identity hidden But would he be able to hide the love still in his heart Red Thunder Reckoning

About the Author: Sylvie Kurtz

Sylvie Kurtz writes stories that explore the complexity of the human mind and the thrill of suspense She likes dark chocolate, soft wool, and movies that require a box of tissues

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