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Excursions in Modern Mathematics Normalfalse false false Excursions in Modern Mathematics introduces you to the power of math by exploring applications like social choice and management science, showing that math is than a set of formulas Ideal for an applied liberal arts math course, Tannenbaum s text is known for its clear, accessible writing style and its unique exercise sets that build in complexity from basic to challenging The Eighth Edition offers real data and applications to connect with today s readesr, expanded coverage of applications like growth, and revised exercise sets

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    A surprisingly engaging and readable overview of some concepts in contemporary mathematics Don t believe me How about proving there is no voting system which follows all the rules of fairness How about creating CGI mountains using nothing but triangles How about finding the best way to equally divide a pizza I ll admit I didn t bother to sit down and work throug

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    This was a very fun math book.

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    A math book.

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